1. Rich Bitch Clejan 1:47

Violinist, vocalist, hip hop/trap producer and Atlanta, GA native, Zac Clejan has been playing music since the age of 2, when he first picked up a violin.

Classically trained by the 2nd chair in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and inspired by the city’s burgeoning Hip Hop scene, Clejan began writing violin and rap songs at an early age. He attended The University of Georgia, where he earned a business degree in digital marketing and a subsequent job in Los Angeles, California. Here he began moonlighting and making music under his last name ‘Clejan.’

His brand new track ‘Rich Bitch’ was released on 27th May. ‘A tongue-in-cheek song about my desires to be in a relationship with an ambitious, successful person.’ says Clejan.

Orchestrating both instrumental and lyrical compositions, he lives up to his social moniker @thetrapviolinist by combining heavy hitting hip hop production with melodic violin elements, tying them together with thoughtful lyrics that are often dark and raw. This unique style of music has helped him grow a following of over 460,000 followers on TikTok.

To date he has amassed over 1.2 Million plays on Spotify, and releases music monthly.

SOURCE: Official Bio