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    Rainn Byrns

    Daily Dose: Rainn Byrns – Never Ending Story

    With his talent already recognised by The Line Of Best Fit, DIY, Hard of Hearing, So Young, The Guardian and BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq, Texas born, Swindon bred South Londoner Rainn Byrns releases Never...
    Hi Fidelity

    Daily Dose: Hi Fidelity – Someday

    Hi Fidelity is composed of three musicians all heavily influenced by music from a very young age. The band was formed in 2019 and without hesitation began their musical journey with open arms.

    Daily Dose: JEM – Do I Wanna Know

    Quietly weaving and echoing their way through the streets of West London, rising mystic Jem paints the city with his delicate Eastern melodies that can be heard dancing on the veils of the wind....

    Daily Dose: Clejan – Rich Bitch

    Violinist, vocalist, hip hop/trap producer and Atlanta, GA native, Zac Clejan has been playing music since the age of 2, when he first picked up a violin. Classically trained by the 2nd chair in the...

    Daily Dose: Flashcards – Leo

    Flashcards is a four-piece Leeds-based indie rock band with pop and synth elements. They combine a multitude of styles and influences: think of it as The Strokes meets John Denver, with a dash of...
    Dirty Shirt

    Daily Dose: Dirty Shirt – Dope-A-Min

    Dirty Shirt is a top Romanian crossover folkcore metal band, winner of second place at the international final of Wacken Metal Battle 2014 and of several awards at Metalhead Awards and Maximum Rock Awards....

    Daily Dose: Prudence – Somewhere Someone

    Somewhere Someone is a song about solitude, longing and dreams. Its heartbreaking chorus underlines the fact that we don't always know what we are looking for in relationships. The song has travelled quite a...

    Daily Dose: Dancæstral – The Distance

    Dancæstral (pronunced daːnsɛs.tɹəl) is the combination of the words ‘Dance’ and ‘Ancestral’, meaning purely instinctive dancing, movements our body makes without an intention, under the influence of an involving music. Like you’re excited or...
    Hazy Shea

    Daily Dose: Hazy Shea – Need Saving

    Hazy is a singer / songwriter hailing from Los Angeles with a distinct and expressive post-punk edge. Hazy’s sound and lyrics summon a starry vehemence and cast a dreamy yet melancholic landscape. She evokes...

    Daily Dose: Laraland – Passing Grey

    Lara is a Melbourne raised musician, producer and DJ. Her affinity with music began while learning classical piano as a child, which then blossomed into a love for jazz piano.
    Shea Clouds

    Daily Dose: Shea Clouds – Icicles

    Shea Clouds' latest Lo-Fi single ‘Icicles’ is a perfect listen for those cold winter nights, smuggled under a duvet with a nice cup of hot tea. Although the cosy setting during winter spurred him...
    Benny Bizzie

    Daily Dose: Benny Bizzie – Forever

    Benny Bizzie takes us on an epic adventure of desire in this punchy, falsetto-infused, trail of escapism and wonder with his latest single, 'Forever', out now on all music digital platforms. Featuring a hard-hitting drum...
    The Valery Trails

    Daily Dose: The Valery Trails – Introvert Blues

    Andrew Bower (vocals/guitars), an expatriate Australian then living in Houston, enlisted his brother Sean Bower (bass) and Dan McNaulty (drums) in his hometown of Brisbane, Australia to form The Valery Trails in 2011. With...
    Malibu Wild

    Daily Dose: Malibu Wild – 3 AM

    Malibu Wild is about getting lost in yourself; it’s about being in the moment. It’s about having the feeling of freedom while feeling everything. Formed in Cincinnati in 2018, Malibu Wild combines dream/synth pop with...
    Svavar Knútur

    Daily Dose: Svavar Knútur – November

    The gentle but strangely coarse and decadent Troubadour Svavar Knútur’s roots lie in the eastern and northern fjords of Iceland, known for their respective melancholic poetry and rugged gruffness. Svavar Knútur summons his inner...
    The Bad Man

    Daily Dose: The Bad Man – 90’s Kid

    Since forming in 2016, The Bad Man has built a reputation as one of Minneapolis’ hardest working bands, steadily performing live with pure energy and relentless adrenaline. Fronted by singer Peter Memorich—one of the Twins...
    Loucas Bretz

    Daily Dose: Loucas Bretz – Autumn Leaves

    Loucas Bretz is an artist-producer from Luxembourg who loves to create music individually and collaboratively as much as he loves producing for himself and for others. He studied Architecture and Music Production in Brussels (BE) and London (UK) respectively, and shares a passion for visual and auditory creation and production all-together.
    Siah Hendrix & KA!TO

    Daily Dose: Siah Hendrix & KA!TO – Jump

    Fusing modern trap-music along with 90’s rock, Siah Hendrix has been making a statement among the underground Canadian music scene. Defying standard outlooks on music, Siah is committed to blending multiple genres to create his own unique wave.

    Daily Dose: Raviner – Mania

    Hailing from Nashville, TN, Raviner is an alt-metal band that intertwines elements of dark pop and cinematic rock to curate their distinctive sound. Raviner was formed in late 2015, emerging out of founder Kamber Kigin’s desire to create a separate band from her solo singer-songwriter work.
    Stacey Pierre

    Daily Dose: Stacey Pierre – Motion

    London’s Alternative-soul singer-songwriter Stacey Pierre takes us on a roller coaster of emotions with brand new single titled ‘Motion’. Oozing soothingly atmospheric soundscapes which intertwines with the young songstress’ alluringly soulful vocals, ‘Motions’ forms part of Stacey’s second solo EP, ‘Origin Unknown’ slated for release in July.
    Conscious Route, Texture & Becci Wallace

    Daily Dose: Conscious Route, Texture & Becci Wallace – Orphans

    ‘Orphans’ is a track for the post-truth, extremely online age. The deft lyrics expose the false promise of the streaming economy, and the exploitation of art for commercial profit. This is a track that...
    Sea Driver

    Daily Dose: Sea Driver – Group Mentality

    Delivering angsty, driving and dissonant alternative rock, but always with a solid melody at the core” Sea Driver are a four piece hailing from Kent/UK focused on sculpting eerie ear-worms from abrasive forlorn guitars bolstered by an ever evolving rhythm section.
    Ms. MICHL

    Daily Dose: Ms. MICHL – Animus v Anima

    Ms. M|CHL, (pronounced: Mz Michael) is the living embodiment of contradiction. Her life, her music, and even her name all reveal her existence on opposite ends of the spectrum. Growing up a black girl...
    John Tomasevich

    Daily Dose: John Tomasevich – The Disconnect

    John Tomasevich is a singer/songwriter from Burlington, North Carolina. After years of playing under different stage names, he released his first record under his actual name, "DEVOLUTION", in late January of 2022. His music...

    Daily Dose: Incomer – Warfare

    Incomer is a Post-Industrial /Dark Wave/ Art Rock trio from Lviv, Ukraine. Formed in 2016 when they were originally called Mystic Shores, Incomer is not so much a band but more of a project, which combines music, visual art and storytelling.