• Daily Dose: Russell Foisy – Pride

    I have been a music fan all of my life and attended so many concerts. There is much admiration for many artists, with a dream one day I could create and sing my own collection of original lyrics and songs. It is never too late to achieve your goals. It

  • Daily Dose: Last Snow – Winter Is Upon Me

    Last Snow is an alternative/dark rock band from the abandoned tunnels beneath St. Paul, Mn. They regularly incorporate elements of prog rock and neo-classical influences into their music, and it comes together to form a unique amalgam of old and new rock sounds SOURCE: Official Bio LINK: http://lastsnowband.com

  • Daily Dose: Tripod – Tribute

    The Norwegian rockers, Tripod, find themselves in between the two worlds of stoner metal and grunge rock, making them twice as soothing to take in. Groovy and catchy riffs, with amazing vocals. With killer live performances, heavy drums and a rumbling bass, the quintet is trying to take back the

  • Daily Dose: Speech Machine – Souliers

    Speech Machine’s story is best told by telling Martin Charlebois’ story. Born in Quebec and growing up in Buckingham (Canada), Martin started writing songs in the 1980’s. After living in Guatemala and Mexico, Martin set roots down in Seattle, Washington in 1992. Songwriting and recording flourished in the rainy city

  • Daily Dose: Silver Pup – Honey

    Silver Pup is a 4 piece rock band formed in late 2015, based around LA, these guys are Los Angeles’ newest band. Their sound is upbeat rock with catchy choruses mixed with some kind of familiarity. Every so often you will find a band that can accomplish a good fan

  • Daily Dose: Aisles – Upside Down

    With four studio albums and a career spanning eleven years, Aisles have become one of South America’s most acclaimed prog acts of the last decade. The band has played in South America and Europe, and their albums have been published in Europe, North America, and Japan. In 2006, they released

  • Daily Dose: Freudz Couch – I Don’t Care Anymore

    Freudz Couch originated in 1992 recording and touring through to 2003 before disbanding with 3 albums and multiple indie singles released during that time. In late 2016 the band reunited to record and release a new EP title ‘Ego’ in Spring 2017 with 2 new singles and videos already released.

  • Daily Dose: Amiel Divine – Make It Happen

    Hailing from the city-scapes of Los Angeles, Hip Hop Newcomer Amiel Divine, currently signed with West Coast Active-Recording label Quality Dubs, has been hitting the ground running since the release of his debut CD “A Work In Progress”, produced by KP (Bruno Mars ex-drummer). Following his father’s footsteps, an industry

  • Daily Dose: Born of Scars – Stay Away

    Born of Scars is a female fronted, modern hard rock band based out of Queens, NY. The band is currently releasing their current CD “Circles.” An accomplished musical unit, Born of Scars has performed at The Bamboozle Festival and opened for national acts Fuel, Tantric, and many others. SOURCE: Official

  • Daily Dose: Reaz – The Sun

    Reaz is an eighties born entrepreneur who has built a record label called Tru Sav Ent. from the ground up! Reaz continues to create independent hip hop music while providing a platform for other artists to do the same. His highly anticipated “Mynd Of Reazon” Ep will release on all

  • Daily Dose: Post Death Soundtrack – That Which Is

    Post Death Soundtrack is a Canadian inter-city music collective consisting of Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore, and Jon Ireson. Founded in Calgary in 2007 by Buck and Moore, the band now operates out of Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto using the magic of the internet to collaborate across the country. The group

  • Daily Dose: Shotgun Bill – Where It Leads

    Hailing from Middletown, New Jersey, Shotgun Bill began playing bass in 1973, playing in bands throughout high school and college, before life eventually took him in a different direction. He has been working with Frank Patrouch since 2012, through a solo CD of Frank’s. This reunion prompted them to make

  • Daily Dose: Un Rodo Cora – Crawler

    The line up is as fixed as a recipe for pizza. Band members switch instruments, guest musicians enter the ring. All depending on the needs of the song and the form of the day. The world of Un Rodo Cora is a world not unlike ours, but with fewer restrictions

  • Daily Dose: Christopher Tom – When I Dream of You

    It’s not a stretch to say that the Arizona teen Christopher Tom isn’t exactly your average 15-year-old. He’s actually a prolific singer, songwriter and musician. Since the age of 13, Tom has been on a mission to perfect his songwriting craft. But he didn’t want just quality. He set out

  • Daily Dose: Oliver Sean – New York

    The MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee, whose music RollingStone Magazine called “its like the Eagles have hired Jack Johnson for some lessons on lightening up” has surprised fans with his stripped down acoustic rock set up and sound across his gigs worldwide when he kicked off his aptly titled tour

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