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Daily Dose: Tom Bright – Happy

Tom Bright is a melodic, Minneapolis songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who released several albums in the late 1980’s on Minneapolis indie-label Blackberry Way Records (‘Hands of Time’; ‘Tortureland’). Tom’s early music received significant college, regional,..

Daily Dose: Angelo Seretti – Sway

Angelo Seretti was born in France in 1976, in a family of artists; Between father and siblings, some have made their passion for painting and sculpture a profession. Angelo’s inclination is the music, so much..

Daily Dose: Bryan Motley – Hurt

Bryan Motley is songwriter, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist from Fort Worth, TX that has played with various rock bands in the DFW area. His first solo effort, Motley Untapped, showcases his diverse musical influences, amazing songwriting..

Daily Dose: GiantJr – Sunburn

GiantJr. is a long-distance collaboration between Michael Corby and Jacob Resch, brothers in-law, who wrote and recorded their first album Walrus between Denver, CO and Grand Rapids, MI respectively. The project was birthed from songs..