1. Leo Flashcards 2:55

Flashcards is a four-piece Leeds-based indie rock band with pop and synth elements. They combine a multitude of styles and influences: think of it as The Strokes meets John Denver, with a dash of Declan McKenna and topped with a touch of Republica.

Relatively new on the scene – having formed late last year – the group have already found their indie-cum-alt sound, mixing modern and classic influences together to create their own noise. Leo comes as their first offering, a look into what’s to come as the year progresses.

On the single, front man Drew explains, “We really wanted to write something fresh, with various aesthetics from different music eras, that felt like a personal take on the genre. ‘Leo’ is an indie rock song about falling for a boy who doesn’t know how to open up.”

SOURCE: Official Bio