After 12 years, about a 100 live performances and some serious line-up changes, Autere is finally letting out it’s first full-length album. “Amal’l” is a combination of heavy riffs, elegant melodies and dynamic rhythms. Representing the band’s view of modern metal.

Amal’l will be released on December 5th by Inverse Records.

Anssi Rissa (vocals) 2012- other bands: Trespassenger, Carnalation
Joona Alamäki (guitars) 2011- other bands: Damnesty, Black Sleep
Petri Huhtala (guitars) 2005-
Markus Virtanen (bass) 2003-
Tatu Turunen (drums) 2003- other bands: Jacks Over Kings

Amal’l 2014 (Album)
Being Dead Is a Place 2009 (demo)
Seizure 2008 (demo)
Havoc Monology 2007 (demo)
Lines & Fragments 2005 (EP)
Autere 2004 (demo)