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    First Listen: Kleøpatra – Blast Like

    Kleøpatra has released her new single titled 'Blast Like' Whether you like atmospheric DJ set music or not, this will grab you. Found in that special place in your gut, in between where your food goes and your fear lies, is a place that gives you the adrenaline from certain types of music. That is where 'Blast Like' hits you. In the feels. That injection of infection leaves no prisoners and makes no enemies. Find it above.
    Kat Hamilton

    First Listen: Kat Hamilton – F*ck You You F*cking F*ck (Better Songs) + Tour...

    Kat Hamilton has today released her new song titled 'Fuck You You Fucking Fuck'. Title aside, the hook is what grabs you. Angst rock in the guise of a future pop classic, Kat presents a song depicting everything we think but never say. That gaslighting narcissist we all know and nobody truly loves now has an anthem all their own with a bone chillingly honest take of actions speak louder than words mentality from the morally challenged.
    Alexander William

    First Listen: Alexander William – Cuffley

    Alexander William has today released his new single titled 'Cuffley'. That subtle way about him combined with a deep earnestness is what initially makes this an endearing song. But, think about that songwriting. There is power in the subtlety. There is experience. The kind you only get when you live. Lessons learned and learned laid to music.
    Darion Harris

    First Listen: Darion Harris – Don Juan

    Darion Harris has released his new single titled 'Don Juan'. Blending the line between fantasy and reality, Harlem-raised producer and artist Darion Harris seeks to encapsulate a world where fairytales and real-life merge together. His newest offering, ‘Don Juan’ is just an introduction to the playful and exhilarating world of Darion that is yet to be explored.
    La Femme

    First Listen: La Femme – Sacate La

    La Femme has today released their new single titled 'Sacate La'. Proving that making a purely catchy song with substance is a global phenomena, La Femme deliver a most memorable song with said substance lying within the beat, rhythm, hook, and absolutely stunning vocals. The vocals, to me, stand out in a way that will have you join in. I have no other way to say it. This is actually a hook within a song. Think 'Girl from Ipanema' meets 'Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland'. That catchy.
    Beautiful Machines

    First Listen: Beautiful Machines – Baum Baum + Tour Info

    Beautiful Machines has today released their new single titled 'Baum Baum'. Majestic with a flow from that first note, 'Baum Baum' is a moody swing of energy with a massive amount of synergy and power that just grabs your attention and evokes imagination with possibilities and power.
    The Eighty Six Seas

    First Listen: The Eighty Six Seas – Guy and Girl

    The Eighty Six Seas (a.k.a. Nick Stevens) has released his new single titled 'Guy and Girl', from his upcoming EP 'This Is Just A Simple Song', dropping July 8th.
    The Erly

    First Listen: The Erly – You’re Heaven

    The Erly have released their new single titled 'You're Heaven'. Sindependent with the goal being soul, The Erly bash and pop the best of the rhythm into an original cacophony of soul-funk with enough stank and attitude to become a part of your personal groove.
    The Magic Epic

    First Listen: The Magic Epic – Take On Me + Remix

    The Magic Epic has released his new single and video titled 'Take On Me' as well as the remix by Sherman de Vries. A slight departure from his previous works, The Magic Epic finds himself...
    Just Tommy

    First Listen: Just Tommy – What Would You Do?

    Just Tommy has released his new single titled 'What Would You Do?'. Just Tommy has a musical style that is very distinct. Part pop. Part Rock. Part show. All original. We here elements of his obvious influences, for sure. But there is more underneath. A feeling of musical nostalgia and the love of guitar permeate through his music.
    Dead Rituals

    First Listen: Dead Rituals – Sober

    Dead Rituals has today released his new single titled 'Sober'. A conscious mix of solid hook and pop rock hybrid, we hear all the triggers that make this both rock and pop. That precise...

    First Listen: Ladders – Dead Rose

    Ladders has today released her new single titled 'Dead Rose'. Being so young and only releasing a few singles at this point in her career, I can see an astute maturity and calculating way about Ladders, aka Vrinda Padia.

    First Listen: Polartropica – Terminator X Dynasty Collection

    Polartropica has today released her new single titled 'Terminator'. Feeling like a quasi mix of bash, pop, electronica, and even hints of what would make a killer Bond song, Polartropica shows me with 'Terminator', that she is a complete brand. And that is a mega good thing.
    Sam Louis

    First Listen: Sam Louis – No More Running

    Sam Louis has released his new single titled 'No More Running'. A mix of decades come together in anthemic styles to coalesce in a melting pot of musical mental mastering.

    First Listen: Chalynn – What You Do + New Video

    Chalynn has today released her new single titled 'What You Do'. Weathered vocals beyond her years, Chalynn delivers a subtly soulful performances over a fresh track that's not too busy yet not to laid back. Singing for the song and soothing for the soul, 'What You Do' is a track that will grow on you, for sure.
    The Vendettas - 6 Feet Under

    First Listen: The Vendettas – 6 Feet Under

    The Vendettas return with their new single titled '6 Feet Under', via Golden Robot Records. Continuing on the strength of their previous album 'The Vendettas III', we get that sweet sound of solid original...

    First Listen: SAMMM. – Stronger Now

    SAMMM. has released his new single titled 'Stronger Now'. A song written from experience and crafted from sheer creativity, SAMMM. draws from his original style and that type of attitude you absolutely need in...
    Honey Cellar

    First Listen: Honey Cellar – Dorma + Tour Information

    Honey Cellar has released their new single titled 'Dorma', from their upcoming second album. Beautifully crafted in the realm of folk with a soft and gentle way about it, 'Dorma' explodes just enough to attend to your ears with sonic serenity.
    Joan & The Giants

    First Listen: Joan & The Giants – Slow Motion

    Joan & The Giants have today released their new single titled 'Slow Motion'. Introverted and introspective, 'Slow Motion' takes that slow vibe and makes it intimate with a subtle raw edge and melancholy alt-pop...
    The Q-Tip Bandits

    First Listen: The Q-Tip Bandits – Better Place

    The Q-Tip Bandits have today released their new single titled 'Better Place', from their first full-length LP Melancholy Flowers, which is set to be released on June 10th, 2022.

    First Listen: Goldpark – Lady Lightyear

    Goldpark has today released their new single titled 'Lady Lightyear', from their upcoming EP 'Goldpark Two'. Featuring the monster hook right at the start with a subtle build up right before and gently sliding into a continuous pop-rock piece of signature magic is brilliance within this song. Take a listen. 'Lady Lightyear' chugs along at it's own pace and feels like magic. It feels signature. It feels like what music is supposed to be.

    First Listen: Ghostkeeper – Ancestral

    Ghostkeeper has today released their new single titled 'Ancestral', from their upcoming album 'Multidimensional Culture', dropping May 27th.
    Lisa Canny

    First Listen: Lisa Canny – Medicine

    Lisa Canny has today released her new single titled 'Medicine'. Stripped to the bone musically and exposing that bleeding and earnest heart of a poet, 'Medicine' delves into an emotionally dark side of human interaction that we all experience.
    Rachel Mae Hannon

    First Listen: Rachel Mae Hannon – Work It Out

    Rachel Mae Hannon has today released her new single titled 'Work It Out'. Carefree and whimsical, 'Work It Out' gives credence to the notion that things may just work themselves out.
    Haley Johnsen,Common Ground,First Listen

    First Listen: Haley Johnsen – Common Ground + Tour Info

    Haley Johnsen has today released her new single titled 'Common Ground' from her upcoming album dropping later this year.