Darion Harris has released his new single titled ‘Don Juan’. Blending the line between fantasy and reality, Harlem-raised producer and artist Darion Harris seeks to encapsulate a world where fairytales and real-life merge together. His newest offering, ‘Don Juan’ is just an introduction to the playful and exhilarating world of Darion that is yet to be explored.

Currently charting on the Spotify Viral Chart in South Africa with his recent release ‘Mitsubishi Dreams’, ‘Don Juan’ is a track that reflects on Darion’s recent success and boasts newfound confidence. From the visuals to the production and adlibs, ‘Don Juan’ is nothing short of an intense burst of compelling energy. The buoyant yet braggadocious lyrics see Darion deliver witty punchlines over the busy self-produced beat that radiates influences from video game soundtracks. Working in collaboration with Evander Griiim (protégé of Gucci Mane) on a track had always been a dream for Darion Harris, and so this collaborative piece of work further yet validates Darion’s cocky persona throughout this track.

A truly exciting multi-faceted artist, Darion’s backstory of his previous career aspirations as a children’s book writer makes perfect sense. Embracing his nickname of ‘Rapunzel’, inspired by his vibrant hair; fairytales, princesses, and his own fantasies are what truly inspire Darion’s musical creations from start to finish.

Already garnering support from the likes of Apple Music across editorial playlists such as New Music Daily, New In Dance and Breaking Dance, as well as Tidal’s Rising playlists and multiple Spotify editorial placements, Darion Harris is a serious one to watch across 2022 and beyond.

About Darion Harris

Born in Seaboard, North Carolina and raised in Harlem, producer-artist Darion Harris has made it his mission to create music that inspires and brings together youth around the world. Darion is making a name for himself as an artist that reaches beyond the borders of New York, and has been able to expand his original fan base from the Tri-State Area to now include a rapidly growing base in Australia and New Zealand.

With an undeniable talent and an electrifying personality, Harris has continued to develop his artistry across the board. Influenced by artists like Childish Gambino, Pharrell, and The-Dream, Darion is well on his way to becoming iconic. Over the past few years, Darion Harris has been playing with the ideas of expectation vs. reality in his music. His image and music may not be reflective of the viewer’s expectation, but it’s a reflection of Darion’s reality – both the one he currently lives, and the one he envisions for himself down the line.