The Erly have released their new single titled ‘You’re Heaven’. Sindependent with the goal being soul, The Erly bash and pop the best of the rhythm into an original cacophony of soul-funk with enough stank and attitude to become a part of your personal groove.

Take what you will from this, but you will remember that this is a party coming from your speakers. And, if your listening through earbuds, you need to punch yourself in the grill because who goes to a f*cking party wearing earbuds. Yes folks, this is that song.

About The Erly

The Erly are the perfect example of a modern day group expanding genre horizons that appeal to the masses. The Michigan indie-soul quartet combines their love for 60s and 70s funk with a crisp indie-pop twist, producing a sound that is groovy and soulful. The Erly offers so much to love with their vivacious sound – they have already released two albums and are hard at work recording more material to expand their unique offering.

With a refreshed notion for 2022, The Erly returns with the uplifting and groove-ladened ‘You’re Heaven’. Within the first few seconds you can hear the nostalgic 70s influences that span across the band, with the spiraling chorus ‘I think you’re heaven, paradise in my life’ hitting you instantly. The production is polished and perfectly layered, full of rhythmic guitar solos, vocal harmony, and brass in the chorus’ complimented by enriching strings throughout the verses.

‘You’re Heaven’ is a singalong that all of their fans will love, and surely soon to be a favorite at festivals. Whilst the song takes you back to those summer days of happiness and joy, it is so much more complex in terms of instrumentation and melody from this multi talented four piece. The Erly are shining through in this release, and it’s easy to see why they have a following that is only going to continue to grow with stellar performances like this.