1. Goðafoss Novanta 2:59

Novanta absolutely hit the mark with their new single “Goðafoss”, to be released with the rest of the album known as “Hello We’re Not Enemies”, to be released on June 17th from Seashell Recordings. The song itself is a constant hook that drives the listener in and leaves them wanting more as they complain that the song is only 2:59. Such a beautiful and heartfelt chorus surrounded by meaty verses and a powerful and rhythmic intro that really just kicks into the whole thing. Bravo!


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About Novanta
Two years after releasing ‘Best-Selling Dreams’ to wide acclaim around the world, Novanta will soon release his new album ‘Hello We’re Not Enemies’ on Seashell Records. The first single from this release is ‘Goðafoss’ (Godafoss)..

Novanta is Manfredi Lamartina, a musician who is originally from Palermo but has been based in Milan for many years now. On this album, Novanta further evolves his sound, falling effortlessly between shoegaze, post-rock and electronica.

This release underlines the importance of empathy as its core idea. In a period where human relationships are often based on aggression and on the division between “us” and “them”, here we find that we’re not enemies. This album is also an expression of love towards Iceland, a country where Manfredi Lamartina spent some time traveling last year.

“Goðafoss is about a man who wants to be a god, shaking the world and erasing all the evil. But mankind is indifferent to everything: love, compassion, empathy. ‘Hello We’re Not Enemies’ is about empathy: we are living in a world where all men are involved in an absurd battle against each other,” explains Manfredi Lamartina. “Iceland seems a little piece of paradise, with breathtaking landscapes and a general feeling of wonder. I went to Iceland last year and I really fell in love with that country. “Hello We’re Not Enemies” is deeply influenced by Iceland, which is why the album will be out on June 17th, Icelandic National Day.”

The songs featured on ‘Hello We’re Not Enemies’ involve collaboration with some very talented artists, including Australian Ian Bonnar (In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits), Claudio Cataldi, Fabrizio De Felice (Bialogard), Giuseppe Musto (Il ragazzo del Novantanove), Raniero Federico Neri (Albedo), and Giampiero Riggio (Haas).

“Hello We’re Not Enemies” is due for release on June 17 and will be available in digital download and limited edition cassette via Seashell Records’ Bandcamp site. The full album will be exclusively streamed via OndaRock on June 13.

“A fusion album of spectacular depth… Novanta carve and pump out a wide range of beautiful and elegant alternative genres that paint a shimmering picture of a band who are fully pledged to their art form” – Primal Music Blog

“Experimental, innovative, challenging, and forward-thinking” – The Sound Of Confusion

“Initially caught our earlobes and had us a moment poised and perched in adoration” – The Sunday Experience

“Straight forward stripped down minimal synth pop type tracks with highly addictive melodies alongside epic progressive guitar backed productions” Deftune