Jammerzine Exclusive: 1000 Ways to be Prolific with Matthew Knox From The ProlificThis is a very special Jammerzine Exclusive for me. Today I talk with Matthew Knox from Venice, Ca indie juggernaut The Prolific. This band, in my opinion, really has their shit together. Everything I hear from these four horsemen is professionally done and lovingly released. And now they have a brand new album entitled “1000 Part 1”. Numerology aside (we touch on that in the interview), the prominent digit I see with this album is 1 and by that I mean 1 band, 1 goal, 1 vision, 1 way.

The album itself is a cacophony of drastically shifting harmonies and sonic adventures seamlessly mixed into guitar and rhythm driven journey into the minds of four geniuses. I have added my absolute favorites for preview (“Became Who You Wanted & “Tame Me”) but that was a really hard call on choosing those and I say that because of the blatant diversity of each track in it’s own right.

The opener, “All Bets Are Going On 7” is a power-punk pop piece with a blistering yet drop-laden song which will raise your fist and stomp your feet in ways only The Clash and The Ramones could when they ruled the world. “Should’ve” and “In Depth” continues where “All Bets Are Going On 7” left off but with a more concentrated attitude and begins to take the album in a different direction.

“Distant Look” begins to break said direction entirely by taking a more varied and subdued route a la Hüsker Dü  and “Black Sheets Of Rain” era Bob Mould.

“Became Who You Wanted” totally breaks the trend built up with an almost balladic track with Matthew Knox’s voice dueling with Matt Fuller’s guitar.

I think that it is safe to say that “1000 Part 1” is a must have in the collection of any indie fanatic as it really is an album for this time. I feel the more I listen to it that it is an album NEEDED for this time because it melds the indie and underground of the past with the songwriting and imagination of where the scene needs to go.

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