1. An Interview with WINACHI Jammerzine Exclusive 47:31
  2. PARASITES PARADISE ft I Kong (Paolo Baldini Dubfiles Remix) WINACHI 0:30
  3. A ROOM WITH A Z00 (Howie B Remix – Optimum Master) WINACHI 0:30
  5. SENSE OF DANGER (Spencers Revenge – Jim Spencer Edit) WINACHI 0:30

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Liam Croker from WINACHI. This is a band that has gone beyond finding out where they want to go. They’re there. They’ve been there. WINACHI is a band that is changing the place they are. And that place is iconic in nature. What I mean is, most bands and artists try to find the right party. WINACHI made their party.

And, today we have the MC of that party in the form of Liam Croker, frontman for WINACHI. You will also see that this interview turned into a party of sorts, as Liam and I are good friends as well as fellow members of the music industry.

In this interview, we talk with Liam about the state of all things WINACHI, including their ne EP titled ‘Parasitical Elimination’ (review below), where that party is headed, and all sorts of other things that you may or may not expect in a typical interview. But this isn’t a typical interview.

Check out WINACHI’s exclusive radio premiere for ‘ Parasites Paradise ft I Kong (Paolo Baldini DubFiles Remix)‘ on Indie Rocks U.K. Details below.

WINACHI will also be the subject of a JammerStream One radio special to air day of release at noon UK GMT and again at noon US EST.

‘Parasitical Elimination’ Review

‘Parasitical Elimination’ is an EP that shows WINACHI in a phase of transition. You can hear the experimentation throughout. Maybe that word is a bit light in this case. Think ‘caterpillar into butterfly’ transition. Basically into another animal. What that animal is we don’t know yet. But that’s the beauty of WINACHI revisiting their songs and re-imaging them. I think we will see a completely different sounding band in the next year. The next phase. The next ‘evolution in their revolution’. We get a band at a crossroads. And this is a good thing. Crossroads are meant to be crossed. They lead to the path less traveled. And WINACHI is about to pave that road.

UK Radio Exclusive Premiere

  • Parasites Paradise ft I Kong (Paolo Baldini DubFiles Remix)
  • November 4th, 2021, 8pm (UK time)
  • ‘A1M Records LTD Show’ on ‘Indie Rocks U.K’
  • http://www.indierocks.co.uk

About Winachi

Winachi is a band from Warrington, England. They have managed with a single-minded vision, relentless hard work, unique talent and a good slice of hustling over the last five years, with no corporate backing to jet-set around the world collaborating with some of the most legendary names in both the worlds of music and film. Securing major endorsement from iconic Italian fashion brand ‘Pantofola d’Oro’ and music equipment giants ‘Behringer’ & ‘MIDAS Consoles’ along the way.

Performing on mainstages at major festivals such as ‘Victorious Festival’ (Playing both the mainstage and also headlining the introducing stage) ‘Bearded Theory Festival’ (Playing both the mainstage and also headlining the Introducing stage), Shiiine On Weekender, Festapic (Montpellier, France), touring Italy in collaboration with fashion brand ‘Pantfola d’Oro’ and touring with legendary bands such as ‘Happy Mondays’ (official tour support for ‘Pills Thrills & Bellyaches Tour U.K.) ‘SugarHill Gang & Furious Five’ (Official U.K. tour support for 40 yrs of Rappers Delight tour) ‘The Charlatans’ (Official tour support in Los Angeles at sold-out Teragram Ballroom, Downtown L.A.).

2020 alone (while during a global pandemic) has seen the band win two prestigious U.S. awards at the annual ‘ISSA Awards (International Singer-Songwriter Awards) in Atlanta, Georgia for ‘Best International Band’ & ‘Best International Video’ for single ‘Funky But Chic’, have our own trainer collection designed by designer Italian fashion brand ‘Pantofola d’Oro’ and sign a management deal with one of the most celebrated British music producers of the last 25 years Howie B (U2, Massive Attack, Bjork) and his management company ‘BeeManaged’. Winachi also includes acclaimed percussionist Inder Goldfinger (Ian Brown, Hacienda Classical, Fundamental).