1. An Interview with Tan The Terrible Jammerzine Exclusive 23:01

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with an absolute rising star in the Hip Hop Trap world known as Tan The Terrible.

Having recently released his new single titled ‘Lucille‘, Tan is showing more than ever his staying power in a highly competitive music industry and his diversity with his entrepreneurship with venture such as Riskee Clothing, which further shows not only is originality but his style.

Today we talk with Tan about his music, business, and other ventures and where he plans to take them in this post COVID lockdown environment. This interview is the documentation of a legend in the making.

About Tan The Terrible

Conceived in Little Rock, Arkansas Tan the Terrible is the Super Star of Hip Hop Trap. Combining the best elements of trap, punk, pop, r&b and rap. Tan the Terrible has spent years creating a stand out sound of his own, with a high level energy live performance to showcase it. Tan the Terrible simultaneously uses a live Vocal Pedal as an instrument to push his loud colorful auto tuned vocals out filling every unique space of the room with sound.

Tan’s new single Lucille is a an immediate head rush into the genre of Trap and Hip Hop From the vocals to instrumentals. Tan creates a catchy hook almost immediately over the first 6 seconds leaving traces of psychedelic trip-hop and thriving 808’s. With the singing and rapping over the Klassy24krt produced beat Tan doesn’t shy away from taking any risk to trademark his ethereal, flangy, and auto tuned sound.

Tan has started making his mark internationally with traveling to New Zealand three times to perform with big acts such as Eleven7four, Yet to tour the U.S. Tan the Terrible has opened up as a supporting act for G-Eazy, Tory Lanez, Mod sun, Reese La flare, Fatman Key, Goon des Garcons, and Lil Cobaine. In recent years i helped front a collective group called Weekend Warriors with rappers Kari Faux and Black Party and shortly after i was affiliated with a group called Young Gods of America. This year Tan has opened up for a sold out crowd as a supporting artist for Lil Ugly Mane and this November will be opening up with Goon des Garcons at Day n Vegas music festival.