These are the types of interviews that I enjoy. The type that turns into a conversation. And this was a good interview to say the least. Today I’m speaking with Christian Blakeli of the fresh new metalcore act Renaissance Kids. He and his partner in crime, Nikko Vincent, have really tapped into a gold mine with their brilliant new EP “Another Life”. Keep in mind that this band is only four months old. I’ve left the bulk of the conversation unedited in order to let you know how well planned Renaissance Kids has their future. Enjoy!

“Another Life” will be released November 24th. Pre-order HERE.

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About “Another Life”
Metalcore newcomers, Renaissance Kids have announced their new four-track EP titled, ‘Another Life’ set to release November 24th. The Denver based duo that consist of Christian Blakeli and Nikko Vincent formed in July of 2015 and soon entered the studio to record ‘Another Life’ with legendary producer Cameron Mizell (Issues, Crown The Empire, Dream on, Dreamer).

Along with the EP announcement, Renaissance Kids also released their first single titled, ‘Time Froze and You Set the Fire’. Check out the lyric video below and make sure to preorder ‘Another Life’ today.

“The visual aspects of Renaissance Kids are just as important as the music that it supports. Every song we write is meant to paint a picture, set the scene, and put you in the middle of another life. ‘Time Froze and You Set the Fire’ is a perfect example of how we deliver exactly that; through music, lyricism, and next level visuals.”

‘Another Life’ Track List:

  1. Undertow
  2. I Can See Everything
  3. Aeviternal
  4. Time Froze and You Set the Fire

Renaissance_Kids_-_Another_Life_Album_ArtworkAbout Renaissance Kids:
Renaissance Kids started July 2015 after both members chose to leave their old band that had multiple record deals on the table. Christian Blakeli and Nikko Vincent wasted no time getting to the studio to record ‘Another Life’ with legendary producer Cameron Mizell (Issues, Crown The Empire, Dream on, Dreamer). Soon after Renaissance Kids traveled to Oregon to film their debut music video for ‘I Can See Everything’, directed by Ryan Sheehy (Chelsea Grin, Attila, Vicetone). ‘Another Life’ EP is out November 24th.