1. Dramatic Amen Sioux 3:56

Having dropped the perfect kickstarter to the year with the punchy and anthemic ‘Useless’, Amen Sioux swiftly returns with his softly sophisticated follow up and second 2023 single. Solidifying the next juicy instalment of his forthcoming EP, he shares the laidback, nonchalant and effortlessly cool ‘Dramatic’.

‘Dramatic’ is draped in the push and pull of an unhealthy romantic relationship in which neither partner can let go of the other. Bringing his listeners into the pensive, tension filled mindset between lovers, it details the disdain of having a clingy partner in your life and the detriment they can cause, yet still appeals to the nuances of our human nature and the difficulty in letting someone go even when we know it’s for the best.

Featuring a co-produced modern soul feel, Amen Sioux delivers conversational lyricism over a light Rhodes Piano base and a continual, gently driving, lo-fi beat which smoothly carries the listener along for the ride.

With Rock Star mysticism written all over him, his gritty aesthetic is undeniably inviting. Trickling down to his moody, musing vibe and vivacious confidence Amen Sioux unequivocally emanates cool – from head to toe. Oozing with charisma and dripping in magnetism, get ready for pure hypnotic bliss as you enter the intoxicating realm of Amen Sioux.

Sporting a signature sound that is ever-evolving, ever-exploring and unafraid to push boundaries, Amens unique amalgamation of indie electronica, lo-fi dream pop, alt RnB and psychedelia continuously manage to enthral his audience. Channelling his raw, fresh edginess and in-your-face persona, his enigmatic energy is injected into his sound, creating something that is incredibly addictive, decisively rare and utterly alluring.

Vibrating with electricity, Amen Sioux layers his sound with hooks to sink your teeth in and sing along to. Dusted with his dynamic vocals, perfectly paired beats and expert synth work ‘Dramatic’ is another sonic gem to add to his treasure chest of sounds, one that is glowing, glistening and overflowing with tunes just waiting to be discovered.

Describing his new take on the writing process Amen Sioux shares,“I reset my approach to recording to make the EP. After I struggled to write using my laptop, I found success working in studios alongside other musicians and professional producer and engineer Maurizio Baggio ( Boy Harsher ).”

Exuding an aura that instantly transports you to an endless oceanside highway, steadily cruising with the top down as ‘Dramatic’ pulsates through the speakers, Amen Sioux has created yet another perfect soundtrack to romanticise your life. This time to compliment those long Summer rides and road trips, with the wind in your hair and the sun beaming on your face, as Sioux echoes in your ears.

“ ‘Dramatic’ is about fighting with self-forgiveness and compassion. When I wrote ‘Dramatic’ I was at a particularly low point. I needed to remind myself to not give up, that I still believed in myself and that I had to stop blaming and punishing myself for a failed relationship.”
– Amen Sioux

Having had plenty of success with his emergent 2022 singles, the tropicana-esque, Indie Pop number ‘Shivering in Bed’, the haze infused ‘Days Like This’ and the striking debut ‘Real’. Amen Sioux has fully returned to the foreground and piece by delectable piece is beginning to share his upcoming EP project which contains a whole host of eclectic new music just on the horizon.

Well here’s the thing, no one really knows. Intentionally so, there’s little online for you to dive deep into, besides his music. A few faint whispers of a New Ivory past life still linger, signalling previous signage to Dim Mak Steve Aoki’s record label, however it seems this time round Amen Sioux is set to firmly let his art do the talking… for now.

Amen Sioux melds alternative R&B, indie, psychedelia and electronica in a visceral and authentic sound that explores the boundaries of modern-pop music.

Amen Sioux is a permanent revolution talking about hidden desires, self-liberation, difficult and often unsightly circumstances underscored by the powerful message conveyed in his lyrics.

SOURCE: Official Bio