Kicking off the new year in style, Amen Sioux began his 2023 journey with the insatiable and anthemic ‘Useless’. The perfect introduction to this new wave of music he then swiftly dealt his second hand, which played out to be the softly sophisticated and effortlessly cool ‘Dramatic’. Now, adding yet another Summer inducing single to slot perfectly into your hottest playlist of the season, Amen Sioux aims, shoots and scores yet again with his third release, the smooth, intimate and utterly intoxicating ‘Drunk in Love’.

Quietly romantic and saturated with a heady and alluring chemistry, ‘Drunk in Love’ softly tells the tale of ecstasy and inhibition. Sultry, inviting and reminiscent, it casts the listener back into pages of past lovers. Entangled in the excitement, the lust and the intense emotion, ‘Drunk in Love’ reveals the addictive nature of love and how it can often feel like a withdrawal upon its ending. The question Amen quietly suggests is: do you continue to chase the high or do you face letting go, sharing, “Sometimes the best love displays restraint, rather than fire.”

Woven with a gorgeously delicate, repetitive guitar motif, ‘Drunk in Love’ is a modern R&B ballad simply made for our generation. Paired with gently punctuated beats and a grooving bass-line, Amen Sioux’s passion is evocative, tangible and unwavering throughout. Layering his sound with hooks to sink your teeth into, he dusts his dynamic vocal carefully across each and every track.

Another soundtrack to complement long, beautiful, sunset Summer drives, Amen Sioux leaves his audience wanting more, showcasing his mastery of musical tantalisation and enchantment.

With Rock Star mysticism written all over him, his gritty aesthetic is undeniably intriguing. Trickling down to his moody, musing vibe and vivacious confidence Amen Sioux emanates cool – from head to toe.

Born to push boundaries whilst sporting a signature sound that is ever-evolving, Amens special amalgamation of indie electronica, lo-fi dream pop, alt RnB and psychedelia captivates his audience like no other. Channelling his raw and in-your-face persona, he injects his enigmatic energy into his sound, an expert at creating sonic storylines to lose yourself in, Amen conjures worlds in which listeners can close their eyes and fall into.

SOURCE: Official Bio