1. Useless Amen Sioux 4:35

Following on from the success of previous 2022 singles, the impressive, tropicana-esque, Indie Pop number ‘Shivering in Bed’, the haze infused ‘Days Like This’ and the striking, momentous debut ‘Real’. The enigma that is Amen Sioux has returned teasing a forthcoming EP with a whole host of eclectic new music up his sleeve, simmering away and waiting to be revealed.

Beginning with the anthemic ‘Useless’, his fourth offering on display, the punchy, gritty, in-your-face edginess is tangible and fresh throughout his newest amalgamation of indie electronica, dream pop and alternative RnB all twinged together with psychedelia. Prepared, poised and ready to pounce, Amen Sioux has 2023 set firmly in his sights, so jump in, strap up and enjoy the ride.

Who is Amen Sioux? Well here’s the thing, no one really knows. Intentionally so, there’s little online for you to dive deep into, besides his music. A few faint whispers of a New Ivory past life still linger, signalling previous signage to Dim Mak Steve Aoki’s record label, however it seems this time round Amen Sioux is set to firmly let his art do the talking… for now.

‘Useless’ is the perfect kick start to a year of new music for Amen Sioux. Fully fuelled, high octane and vibrating with electricity, it’s layered with enough hooks to sink your teeth into and sing along to. Dusted with punky vocals, a driving drum beat and expert synth work ‘Useless’ is quirky, catchy and a sure fire hit, destined to take you all the way there.
Describing his new take on the writing process Amen Sioux shares,“I reset my approach to recording to make the EP. After I struggled to write using my laptop, I found success working in studios alongside other musicians and professional producer and engineer Maurizio Baggio ( Boy Harsher ).”

With Rock Star mysticism written all over him, his edgy aesthetic is incredibly alluring. Trickling down to his moody, musing vibe and vivacious, confident persona, Amen Sioux effortlessly and unequivocally emanates cool – from head to toe. Oozing with charisma and dripping in magnetism, get ready for pure hypnotic bliss as you enter the intoxicating realm of Amen Sioux.

SOURCE: Official Bio