1. An Interview with Ardamus Jammerzine Exclusive 36:42

Ardamus is an artist who has long ago found his sound. Going back way before what I call thee ‘Limbo Trilogy’ right up to this new collaboration with Height Keech titled ‘Astro Blocks‘, which dropped a month ago, Ardamus is beyond honing his sound, he’s defining it.

And, in this exclusive interview, we get to talk with Ardamus about his beginnings and numerous collaborations as well as ‘Astro Blocks’ and the future.

The album, ‘Astro Blocks’, is a varied and genre-hopping mix of lucid lyrics and hard-hitting and varied beats. coming from the minds of progressive artists, each track gives a frenetic blend of hip and harmony fit for the stage and meant for the masses. This is a track by track definition of how it should be done. Check out the interview for my personal favorites as well as Ardamus’ and check out the album player to find your own.

About Ardamus

Originally from Nashville, TN. and now residing in Washington, DC, Ardamus has been a hip hop artist for years collaborating with other artists and organizations in various forms. He has a lengthy catalog of solo work as well as group projects (Sitcalm, FAR EXP, Delegation Music, The Lucky So And So’s, ANNEX DOTE, ARDAPLUS, etc).

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From participating in a project with the NIH alongside friends and collaborators Open Mike Eagle and Silencio to being one of the first recipients of the DC Young Artists Grant from the DC Commission of The Arts And Humanities, Ardamus has become esteemed in his accomplishments over the years. He has also shared the stage with artists such as Cappadonna, Bus Driver, Joell Ortiz, Blu & Exile, Qwel & Maker, Das Racist, Souls Of Mischief, Phife Dawg, Astronautilus, and many more hip hop artists.