The duo BSide, formed by brothers Ethan and Nico, is making a breakthrough in the US thanks to their first single “Tell Everybody”. Their mixed, urban style transmits the cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic air of the European city of Barcelona, as did Alvaro Soto, also from Barcelona, and his song featuring Jennifer Lopez “El Mismo Sol”, which became the number-one hit in many European countries last summer.

Ethan and Nico are responsible for the entire creative process of their music, from start to finish: they write, compose, record and edit their own songs. The single, “Tell Everybody”, is the star of their first LP, which includes other songs with an American and indie influence that are perfect for dancing.

According to the Huffington Post, “Throughout history, musical brothers have dominated the charts. The Everly Brothers, Bee Gees and Hanson have all found an audience and achieved success. Now, two brothers from Barcelona, Ethan and Nico, known as BSide, hope to join the ranks”.

“We are fighters. That’s why we call ourselves BSide, because we confront life”, says Ethan, 19. “Whatever the colour of your skin, your religion or your sexual orientation, nobody can tell you what to do”, adds Nico, 17.

The BSide brothers confirm that they find inspiration in Michael Jackson, One Direction and Justin Bieber, sound, they mix with the music of the Mediterranean culture. In addition to this single, their next disc will feature some more eclectic numbers, dance beats and meaningful lyrics that will leave no one indifferent.

The BSide single is a production of Wave Music, a company that forms part of the Dídac Sánchez business group. Wave Music was created in 2015 in Barcelona to promote talent in all musical cultures. This spring Wave Music will launch its first groups, BSide and Two Servings of Vanilla.

SOURCE Newsline