Beauty In Chaos have today released their new video for the track titled ‘The Kiss Of The World’, from the upcoming album ‘Behind The Veil’, releasing on February 22nd, 2022 33.3 Music Collective. As an added bonus, we also have the very first preview footage from the Jammer Direct produced Beauty In Chaos documentary titled ‘Unveiled’ (video clip below).

Dystopian by default and nihilistic by nature, ‘The Kiss Of The World’ finds BIC with a darker soundscape electronically, experimenting with the noise more in orchestration and implementation while the rock sound is amped up. Combine that with what is already in BIC’s repertoire and add the distinctive and almost operatic styled vocals of Elena Alice Fossi and you have a musical synergy only found in the best and most original music out there.

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Elena Alice Fossi

What are the main differences working within Kirlian Camera versus working as part of a collaborative project such as Beauty in Chaos?

The substantial difference, and the most evident one, is that Kirlian Camera basically feeds on electronic layers, while Beauty In Chaos refers to a decidedly more carnal and sanguine rock. And it was precisely such an effective rock vein of the band that involved me so much. I have always loved the grit of this style, as well as its fiery soul even more. So, I gladly accepted this challenge right from the start.

Likewise, I believe that Michael is quite intrigued by the world of electronics, in fact I see his passion for finding out particular sounds. Going to exactly intersect and make two apparently separate worlds cohesive has been the goal. On the other hand, both KC and BIC have proven several times they love contamination in music. 

What was your final reaction to the video after you saw it as opposed to your expectations during production?

Although I was sure it would be a great job, I have to admit that this video exceeded my expectations. First of all, I highly appreciated the fact that the band grasped the innermost meaning of the song’s lyrics. In fact, “The Kiss Of The World” contains within itself a strong idea of social uprooting, a sense of breaking with a world brought to exhaustion and self-destruction.

Michael orchestrated a visual narration designed to completely reveal that aspect, together with director Vicente Cordero, who masterfully built and assembled each part, while as for my film segments goes I had the pleasure of shooting them with help from Francesco Licata, a multitalented famous photographer who can boast works for Vogue and several popular brands, being now an avid music band photographer and filmmaker, too.

When Michael presented his first ideas to me, I felt he was on the right track, but I also thought that visually rending some kind of apocalypse on earth on a music video might turn out to be quite a complex operation and difficult to realize at best. I was wrong about that, in fact the film work manages to depict this sense of catastrophe and rebellion, going to rely on effective powerful pace, surely supported by the impactful energy of the band.

What do you feel are the main differences working on a project remotely and physically being there?

Many musicians might say that working at a distance is penalizing because without direct contact you find yourself at risk of losing that chemistry and amalgam being necessary to create some solid and functional harmony. Personally, I have the strong belief that when you work on music, space and time are defeated and the dimensional change is so intense that the external environment becomes almost inexistent. It’s an intimate process, for those like me who love to live in the deep self. Furthermore, music has this wonderful gift of uniting certain souls because in this magical game the interaction inevitably occurs, whether we are in eye contact or we are separated by huge distance.

Michael Ciravolo

How did you come to work with Elena and what did you initially think she could bring to the BIC table?

I knew I was going to be asked this, and I have been trying to remember! I know we first started communicated via email at least 2 years ago. I think our publicist might have been promoting one of Elena’s side projects, and I fell in love with her voice and knew I wanted her part of BIC. However it happened, I reached out and we seemed to get on well; her being Italian and me of Italian descent!

Way more than a pretty face, this lady is intelligent, strong and has an amazing voice. As the music for this song unfolded in our studio … it had an ‘epic’ feel to it. Certainly not a standard verse/chorus arrangement, which I thought she would be amazing with. She certainly did not disappoint … turning the music into “The Kiss Of The World” !

How do you feel BIC has evolved between inception to now musically?

I think BIC will always evolve and revolve. To my ears, we have gotten a bit more focused on each record. Our debut, ‘finding beauty in chaos’, being the first and a double-album at that covered a lot of sonic ground.

After dropping my self-imposed ‘no synths’ rule from FBIC, I think the addition of synths and orchestration add a bit to the complexity of the BIC sound. But that said, I am proud that a majority of the sonics on our albums still emanate from the guitar. Even prior to our next release, I am really looking forward to where we go next!

What is the synopsis for ‘The Kiss Of The World’ the video and the song?

I wanted to go for a 1984-Big Brother – V For Vendetta landscape for this video. After delving deeper below the surface of Elena’s lyrics, it seemed very fitting. Vicente Cordero’s Industrialism Films team did a great job helping bring my vision to life. In addition to three small sets we built for the ‘band’, his team injected a very cool Matrix-esque element. They did a great job of melding Elena’s footage, which was filmed in Italy into the dystopian world we were creating. As for the song sonically, I think it has a lot of the signature BIC elements…. beauty with blasts of chaos!

What can we expect from ‘Behind the Veil’ when it is released and when is it being released?

‘Behind The Veil’ will be released on 2.22.22 (February 22nd, 2022)! The album’s six tracks will feature all female singers. In the past, we have followed up both of our studio releases (‘Finding Beauty In Chaos’ and ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ with remix albums, but this time I’ve opted to include some remix/re-envisions on the CD and Digital versions. So far, I have Tim Palmer, MGT, John Fryer and Julian Shah-Tayler on board to do their magic! As far as what the record will sound like? I think this new single, along with “Orion” are the middle-ground sonically … with the other songs being to the left and right! Vague, I know.

The New Beauty In Chaos Documentary, ‘Unveiled’ Exclusive Preview

About Beauty In Chaos & ‘The Kiss Of The World’

'Behind The Veil' cover.
‘Behind The Veil’ cover.

‘The Kiss Of The World’ follows the previous single ‘Orion’ ft. Whitney Tai. This is the second single from the forthcoming Beauty In Chaos album ‘Behind the Veil’, which features all female vocalists, and is scheduled for release on February 22nd, 2022 (2.22.22) via Los Angeles’ 33.3 Music Collective.

“Musically and lyrically, this song encompasses what Beauty In Chaos is to me. Sonic textures with elements of chaos, wrapped in layers of beauty,” says BIC curator Michael Ciravolo.

Vicente Cordero’s Industrialism Films was enlisted to bring this dystopian video concept to life. Ciravolo explains, “What drew me to Elena, besides her incredible voice, was that her lyrics are deep, intelligent and interpretive. It was her stage persona and a couple of interviews I had seen of her that sparked the ‘1984-big brother / V is for Vendetta’ concept. Vicente’s team did a great job of pulling these elements together … marrying Elena’s footage (filmed in Italy by famed photographer Francesco Licata) with our sets”.

Elena Alice Fossi
Elena Alice Fossi

Elena Alice Fossi is perhaps best known as frontwoman of Kirlian Camera, as well as her electronic pop project SPECTRA*paris. A singer, composer and producer, she is lauded for being at the forefront of European alternative music, her range of musical output spanning electro, darkwave, future pop, alternative rock and synthpop.

“No, it’s not a love relationship that ended badly, as it might seem on the surface. This story’s plot is instead enclosed in the domination and deception that, perpetrated over time, have generated a zombified society, where the living dead obey an authority which in turn is the servant of stronger occult powers. And it’s these powers that pull the strings of a comedy in which consumerism, betrayal and manipulation are the masters,” says Elena Alice Fossi.

“The tyranny is well hidden and the slave doesn’t know he is, because he finds himself in a maelstrom of materialism and “online drugs” that make him unaware and helpless. But things are about to be turned around and this flawed system will be cornered. Satan’s mighty valet has pulled the rope to such an extent that it finally breaks and the lies that have long been embellished now reveal their true face. The hour of the rescue is going to come because not a few are awakening from the long torpor”

Beauty In Chaos
Beauty In Chaos (L to R: Dirk Doucette, Michael Ciravolo, Tish Ciravolo)

Beauty in Chaos is the brainchild of guitarist Michael Ciravolo. The LA-based New Orleans native is also President of Schecter Guitar Research. Until launching BIC, Ciravolo was guitarist in Human Drama for 30 years and had also played live and recorded with Michael Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel since 1998.

In 2020, Beauty In Chaos released ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ and the remix-based ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’ albums to critical acclaim. Recorded at Ciravolo’s SAINTinLA Studio, this LP was produced by Grammy nominee Michael Rozon, known for his work with Ministry.

Since its inception, Beauty In Chaos has involved many music luminaries, including members of The Mission, The Cure, Ministry, Cheap Trick, The Offspring, Gene Loves Jezebel, Marilyn Manson, Human Drama, Bauhaus, Nine Inch Nails, Van Halen, A Flock of Seagulls, as well as dUg Pinnick (Kings X), ICE-T, producer Tim Palmer, guitar icon Zakk Wylde, Ashton Nyte (The Awakening), Evi Vine and Rolan Bolan.