Italy’s Blessed Child Opera embark on their first U.S. tour beginning April 8th in NYC. The band founded by vocalist/guitarist Paolo Messere play an intense brand of indie rock that combines elements of Neo-Folk, Post Rock, Psych and Shoegaze.

Their latest album “The Devil & The Ghosts Dissolved” is available now from Custom Made Music.

[table caption=”Tour Dates” width=”681″ colwidth=”150|100|200|50|381″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
April, 8, NYC, NY, Otto’s Shrunken Head
April, 9, ALLENTOWN, PA, The Alternative Gallery
April, 10, BETHLEHEM, PA, (Mix Swap Radio Session)
April, 11, BETHLEHEM, PA, The Funhouse
April, 13, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, Nat’s on Mediterranean
April, 14, CHARLESTON, SC, Tin Roof
April, 15, JACKSONVILLE, FL, Burro Bar
April, 16, ORLANDO, FL, The Space Station
April, 17, TAMPA, FL, The Amsterdam
April, 19, NASHVILLE, TN, Spring Water Supper Club
April, 20, GREENVILLE, SC, Radio Room
April, 21, WINSTON SALEM, NC, Test Pattern
April, 22, NORFOLK, VA, Charlie’s American Cafe
April, 23, PHILADELPHIA, PA, Connie’s Ric Rack
April, 24, NYC, NY, The Bowery Electric