Written and conceived almost on a spiritual plane of existence, Blessed Child Opera have recorded a neo-noir masterpiece with their new effort titled “The Devil & The Ghosts Dissolved”. Set against an almost ethereal backdrop of dreamy melodies and gracefully droning instrumentation, Blessed Child Opera have created a soundtrack to your lucid psyche that is both delicate and demanding in it’s divine delivery.


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The Test Drive: Blessed Child Opera - The Devil and the Ghosts DissolvedAbout Blessed Child Opera & “The Devil & The Ghosts Dissolved”:
I wrote these songs without even thinking somebody would hear them. Not even those who have been following my music for a long time.From the composition to the realization and production of the songs I worked on the sound day by day, with no pressure and with a smoothness I had almost forgot.The result was a collection of 17 songs. Too many. This was a difficult stage: what to choose, what to leave for the sake of an official release. This decision took longer than the very same making of the songs. After six albums I feel this is the time to reinvent myself and I feel this is as a very natural and not a difficult task.

It’s just my seventh record under Blessed Child Opera moniker and it contains the long nights spent writing the songs, before falling asleep exhausted.The album contains images of “maremma” countryside, the place where I lived for 2 years. There’s the usual solitary mood that underlies my music, there’s the desire to lead my life within the path of songs that are as straight as crafted with an obsessive care for the sound.

Paolo Messere