Leem Zilla- All I Want (Pesos) Ft. Demon$
Leem Zilla- All I Want (Pesos) Ft. Demon$

The Demon$ are a Hip Hop Duo from the northern section of philadelphia that is on the rise. They’re music showcase they’re hellish flows, dope beat selection, Vicious ryhme schemes.Growing up in the North Philadelphia area with inspirations from native groups Ram Sqaud, Major Figgas , & State Property The Demon$ have still managed to bring they’re own style to Hip hop while paying hommage to those that paved the way.

HOW DID THE DEMON$ BEGIN? The Demon$ consists of Members Opalocka Ghome and Demongee. Opalocka Ghome is from one side of the neighborhood and Demongee is from the other side which is about 6-7 blocks apart and they would often see each other around as we were growing up at the park etc. so they both knew of each other and when Ghome was doing solo music under the Name Trey Boogie he happened to hear a song Demongee was featured on called “Spaceships” Ghome took to it because that was the same type of music he was interested also at the time so Ghome hit Demongee up on facebook and told him i was feeling the song and that they should link up and make music but it fell through years later Ghome started going to the neighborhood high school which Demongee was already attending and they’ve started to become more familiar with one another and by junior year started hanging out through mutual friends outside of school and since then they became tight but by then they both left music alone they lost interest but Demongee would always freestyle around the house and record himself on his phone but the funny part about it the songs he would record on his phone were potential hits and they would just listening to them and add on to the collection until one day Ghome had bought recording equipment to play around with and They remade a song from Demongee’s phone called “Umma Have It All” it was a banger Ghome had no plans to do a verse on it because he was done with rap but he felt it was so hot and the other people that was on it originally didn’t do the song any justice that was when Demongee asked ghome to do the verse on it and the song began to become a banger and than a classic around the neighborhood they sat on the track for years after awhile we begin to feel they were wasting a Gift and felt that something had brought them together and they’ve began to become more involved into music as a group and started branding themselves and making a movement and now here they are The Demon$.