Hendrix Harris has today released his new video for the single titled ‘Fly’. Steeped in modern tinged R&B with a vocal mix of soul and staccato infused lyrics, Hendrix takes life and filters it through his heart and mind and comes up with something as guttural as it is original.

A solid blend of world beat percussion, genre bending orchestration, and an almost acapella style about it laid over memorable music, Hendrix stamps his name on the outside of the box he proudly resides next to.

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About Hendrix Harris

Raised by a British/Jamaican mother and a French father, Hendrix Harris’ heritage is spread far and wide around the globe. Spending some of his childhood in La Havana, Cuba extensively shaped his identity as an artist and as a man. His Cuban connexions rooted him as a borderless artist through features with globally artists such as Cimafunk (Grammy nominated) or rapper/lyricist Barbaro el Urbano Vargas.

A multi-faceted singer/rapper, composer and producer, Harris’ universe is made of unforgettable melodies, a signature raspy tone, poetic and honest songwriting, and impressive production skills. His music is a unique fusion of genres ranging from R&B to soul and hip-hop, tinged with a boundless freedom reminding us of jazz.

These last years have seen him garner the attention of medias such as Complex, Wonderland, Clash and/or Colors who praised him for his unique style and versatility. His single “The Hill” was featured on the official FIFA 2022 soundtrack, alongside artists such as Little Simz and Pa Salieu.

Hendrix’s upcoming project ‘Awakening’ takes us on a sonic journey through his mind. Finding solace in hypnotic melodic loops and heavy bass driven beats, his intimate yet powerful delivery will guide you through his reflections on notions of self, society, relationships and growth. This collection of insightful observations on the artist’s state of mind is his most honest and accomplished work to date, sonically and lyrically.

Hendrix goes on to add: “With ‘Awakening’, I learned how to self-reflect, self-doubt, self-teach. The question is did I learn how to self-love? It’s 2 am, have a drink of your choosing and immerse yourself in my dark but hopeful, disillusioned yet ambitious world. It is a coming of age project and nothing will ever be the same.”