Cat Janice has released her new debut album titled ‘Modern Medicine’. Pop summertime goodness wrapped in an electronic candy shell is what you may hear on the surface, but scrape that thin surface away and you get an original blend of musical devotion and solid versatility.

Each song has its own sonic stamp of originality. Each standing on its own two feet. Find a single. It will be easy. Individually signature with massive hooks and almost cinematic scope within each track.

Don’t let the ‘debut album’ moniker fool you. This is from an old soul.

About Cat Janice

Driving with a fine fusion of emotional integrity and energizing musicianship, songwriter and artist Cat Janice delivers a fresh thread of artistry to the modern music scene. The indie/alt gem presents a skilful balance of soaring vocals, snappy guitar lines and euphoric synths, resulting in a uniquely immersive take on sizzle pop. Proving both exciting and deeply human, Cat’s versatility knows no limits. From the dance-pop rhythms to finely-honed vocals, Cat is equal parts skill and character. Her love for music transcends the limits of style, with her songs radiating strong grooves and confident melodies that feel genuinely fresh.

Born and raised in Northern Virginia by a vastly musical family, Cat took to violin and piano at an early age. What followed was 14 years of classical training, with valuable time spent as part of orchestral productions, jazz bands and theatre shows. The D.C. music world would soon embrace the young artist as both a pop sensation and a writer/producer to watch that diversity flourish all the more so.

Her new nine-track debut album, Modern Medicine, is inspired by the artist’s quest to embrace the full spectrum of human emotions and grant herself the permission to feel them fully. It serves as a testament to the freedom of being human and the profound significance of emotional expression, which is seen as our greatest legacy. The music weaves together various themes, drawing from her personal struggles with a painful divorce, loss of a close friend, the sting of betrayal, the discovery of transformative love, and her ongoing battle with progressive cancer. Ultimately, Modern Medicine emphasizes the healing power of living in the present moment, serving as a form of medicine.

Focus track “Who Do You Think You Are” narrates the process of falling in love and wanting to capture the feelings of confusion and unbridled joy that surrounds those first few months of getting to know someone. Cat shares, “I had just gotten back from spending hours in a basement studio, laughing and singing with him for a TikTok video. I got home and in an instant the song started coming to me. Falling in love that way is thrilling, scary, and borderline emotionally sedative. We joke about how whenever we are together now, we always feel tired and sleepy because of all of the happy hormones.”

Inspired by the likes of Remi Wolf, Benee, and Willow, Modern Medicine encapsulates a similar groovy, fun, danceable feel which juxtapose heart-wrenching themes, including betrayal, heartache and anxiety. Cat confides, “I hope that people enjoy the ride of the array of emotions through the music.”

Despite the obstacles she continues to face, Cat’s lust for life is infectious. Her new music is sure to light up the airwaves globally, uniting heartfelt lyrics and electrifying production. With a breadth of musicianship and optimistic grooves, Cat Janice is an unstoppable creative force.