Chris Baluyut has today premiered his new single titled ‘Winter, Wait’ on It’s been a minute since we last heard Chris on Jammerzine and it is so pleasing to hear him back with a new song.

‘Winter, Wait’ starts with a pristine guitar layered over the perfect synth style electro-percussion. But then we get the real meat of the song. Chris’ voice. He has one of those voices recognized a million miles away yet it perfectly fits everything he does.

As the song builds with a subtle crescendo of orchestration, we get a vivid feeling of a life in transition. the music perfectly follows in step with the lyrics on this as well. We feel the longing, regret, pride, and accomplishments all within 3 minutes. Rediscovery and reflection happen to all of us in time, it’s what we learn from that is what counts.

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About Chris Baluyut

Chris Baluyut is a dream-pop artist whose songwriting explores emotional journeys, interpersonal relationships, and our inner world of feelings and thought processes. He counts Bon Iver, the Japanese House, James Blake, and Explosions In The Sky as primary inspirations. His debut EP, Leap Year, has garnered critical raves from,, and That release explored ethereal Indie folk and folk-rock with organic instrumentation.

Since his first EP, Chris has evolved into an artist who explores atmospheric soundscapes grounded by defined rhythmic pulses. His carefully-curated aesthetic now spans dream-pop, electro-pop, post-rock, and folktronica. His latest songs are more impressionistic, conjuring landscapes, and visual representations of emotions.

After writing music and living in Tokyo for nearly 5 years, Chris decided to return home to NYC in the Fall of 2020, having honed his songwriting skills and solidified his musical identity. “Being back home, in certain ways it feels like the first time I’m experiencing the city. I spent 25 years here growing up, but I am experiencing a powerful time of rediscovery,” he says, which has inspired a series of new music.

“Winter, Wait” is Chris’ third song in a series of singles released this year. On this release, Chris conjures the seasonal doldrums with an almost pastel watercolor of emotion. The song’s liquid guitar arpeggios, atmospheric sheen, and electro percussion creates an evocative emotional effect.

In Chris’ words, “Winter, Wait” is about managing the passage and perspective of time through both the high points and low points of my life. The exhilarating, joyous and love-filled moments feel so fleeting and seem to pass in an instant, while the somber, dark, low points feel like they linger and last forever. This song is about doing my best to stay present and appreciate those peaks when they come, as well as waiting out the storm through hard times and knowing that ultimately, those will pass too.