Tokyo’s own Chris Baluyut is one of those rare artists who are comfortable with making the paradigm shift. He has done it multiple times from moving to Tokyo and becoming firmly implanted in the burgeoning and diverse music scene there to switching from primarily electric to acoustic guitar. Changes like these can make or break an artist depending on how they are done but, where some shy away from, Chris embraces. And that is highly evident here in his new single titled ‘Different Days’. The song is a masterstroke of brilliance and a canvas of sonic colors splashed upon the canvas of your mind like a true artist. Just listen to the guitar intro and the stylistic shifts within the first 60 seconds of this track and this review will make total sense. Aesthetic and depth have just found a marriage within ‘Different Days’.

About Chris Baluyut
Chris Baluyut is a singer-songwriter from New York City. Since picking up the guitar at age 14, Chris had primarily played electric guitar, centered around alternative rock and post-punk genres. But since moving to Tokyo in 2016, Chris has switched entirely to acoustic guitar. Citing influences such as Damien Rice, Elliott Smith, and The National, Chris now plays a mix of folk rock and ambient guitar styles.

SOURCE: Official Bio