1. Dangerous CrashMonkeys 3:58

Tuneful but glamorously shambolic rock n’ roll band CrashMonkeys came from a primal urge for a pre-pandemic normal, and a desire to reintroduce a lo-fi style of rock that defined primary singer and songwriter, and co-guitarist Stel Furet’s early years.

Stel wrote all the songs on Love & Kicks and played all the instruments except drums on the recordings. The band will also feature guitarist Chuck Keller, an accomplished guitarist/bass player who attended Berklee College of Music and studied arranging and improvisation with iconic jazz composer/arranger Ray Brown. Stel and Chuck alternate bass and guitar duties, and the pair have complementary styles with Stel being a bluesy player and Chuck having a melodic shred background. The two have yet to decide on a permanent drummer.

The trio’s debut EP, Love & Kicks, out November 18th, evokes the scuzzy, angsty and arty sounds of Pavement, Daniel Johnston, and Sonic Youth, but injected with a bit of 1970s James Gang boogie-rock. The 5-song EP will be preceded by several singles including “Dangerous” and the single “Sugar Pimp,” out September 30th.

SOURCE: Official Bio