1. Breaking Away Murdocco 3:43

Murdocco is set to release her new single titled ‘Breaking Away’. Consider this track a sign that Murdocco is at a crossroad in her musical journey. Starting off with a simple guitar and a feeling of dread and longing. I found it brilliant at how this song actually starts. Almost as if it doesn’t want to. Like it does not want to convey what it is about to say. The music emotionally follows the message. I found that totally amazing. It’s against the norm.

Murdocco has always been one of those artists to buck traditions in music and take the song into her own special flow. ‘Breaking Away’ is the new best example of this. You feel it. Exactly what the song is about. This is what songwriting is about.

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About Murdocco

Originally from Uruguay, Mariana Murdocco,, goes by ‘Murdocco’ is a London based singer-songwriter. She’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her style and musical output. With her velvety and sultry voice, Murdocco’s songs allude to heart – warming stories where she transmits deep emotions, immersing you into her world. Using live instruments and electronic beats, she delivers a melodic, quirky sound.

Murdocco’s original productions are a fusion of organic instruments and electronica, citing influences from Bjork and PJ Harvey, Murdocco started her career in Barcelona, Spain with her band with whom she released a number of EP’s, produced by David Okuniey. In 2020, during lockdown she decided to take a new direction, going solo and exploring a different path, she found herself becoming much more experimental and free to explore other genres.

After her previous releases ‘Take Me To The Stars – Fernando Lagreca Remix’, ‘A Song For Alex’, ‘Empty Pockets, Empty Bags’, ‘Take Me To The Stars’ and ‘Rainy Day’ show originality and an unrestricted attitude, all accompanied by music videos. Her songs have been played on many radio stations across the UK and internationally.

‘Breaking Away’ is her sixth release.

The track describes a state of daze, confusion and resignation, hints at the end of a relationship with no chance of being able to talk things through to mend it, there is resignation and a desire to move on.

It speaks of an effort to feel stronger, breaking away from control and moving on. Another intimate track with a sentimental voice, arpeggios that build up tension, distortion on electric guitars, strings with elements of trap and electronic beats.


Written, produced and performed by Murdocco
Drums by Johnattan Keating
Mixed and mastered by Manuel Scaramuzzino