1. Passing Grey Laraland 4:11

Lara is a Melbourne raised musician, producer and DJ. Her affinity with music began while learning classical piano as a child, which then blossomed into a love for jazz piano. She has played live gigs across many Melbourne venues, playing disco, soul, R&B, jazz and pop. While attending Berklee College of Music, her interests in music expanded to include production and sound design. She is the producer, mixing and mastering engineer and voice on the upcoming singles and album.

Nama is a Melbourne based, Canberra raised bassist and composer. He started playing music at the age of 5 and by 12 started playing professional jazz gigs across Australia. At the age of 16 Nama was enrolled in the James Morrison Academy where he studied under a number of Australia’s greatest musicians and where he also honed in his passion for writing, arranging and composing. Today Nama operates as a freelance bass player, arranger and composer across Melbourne, working closely with up and coming artist and jazz luminaries. We mostly play a mix of RnB and indie pop styles whilst drawing inspiration from eclectic neo soul and jazz groups. We were looking to organise gigs from March onwards, as headliners or to be considered as openers for other groups. As of right now we are very flexible and happy to work on your schedule.

The title “Passing Grey” nods to the uncertainty and surreal nature of the last 2 years, where changes and actions can be neither perceived as black or white. In order to come out the other side, the polarising nature of opinions, news and lockdowns must be ignored in place of acceptance that some things are just grey. The pre-chorus acts as an ode to the many opportunities and plans lost in the spiral of the virus, while the chorus feels optimistic and almost serene.

SOURCE: Official Bio