Dakota 66 has today released their debut album titled ‘If Not Now, When’. Guitar driven rock harking back to the glory days when alternative was post modern and life was simpler. Each song sums up an original collective and brings the heart in from your sleeves to get warm for a change.

While some of the music is borderline Americana, the bulk of them are lessons in songwriting from a multitude of genres. But, what really got me, was the personability of each song. I feel that each track was carefully crafted with the love and dedication of each musician involved, and each musician did this cumulating into a collective unit. That, to me, is the very essence of music. Done from the heart. I hope that as AI progresses and intrudes into the music world that artists like Dakota 66 continue to thrive on their own talents and expel those talents into the atmosphere for all of us to breath.

About ‘If Not Now, When’

Indie rockers Dakota 66 have released their debut album, If Not Now, When, a self-reflective work that details their experiences over the last ten years of their career. Touching on themes of love, loss, ego, joy, friendship, and youth, the album gives listeners a glimpse into the various identities the band has claimed throughout time.

From start to finish, the album takes on various personas through its wide range of sonic elements that give listeners something new with each track. From “Bubble,” a song true to its name, as it celebrates the memories of tender, delightful moments and the radiance of human connection, to “Shine,” a bold cinematic masterpiece that embodies the joy and fulfillment of being alive, every song adopts a fresh angle on the experience of growth and being human in the lives we lead. While each track stands out in its own way, If Not Now, When remains true to Dakota 66’s overall sound as artists and songwriters.

With every unique combination of pure, affective vocals, expressive percussion, and masterful guitar riffs, the album is an authentic showcase of the band’s observations made in life. Listeners are guaranteed a well-rounded emotional experience, as these four creatives bare their souls through a mixture of emotive lyrics and intense production.

“We always wanted to create music that connected with people,” they share. “You feel something more than melody or rhythm, you can see into the soul of the music and band.” After many years of hard work, perfecting their craft, and carving out the right direction, these indie rockers are ready to share their art with the world. They work to redefine the connection between artist and fan through the raw retelling of their personal experiences.

About Dakota 66

Dakota 66 is an indie rock band from Dublin, Ireland. The band’s influences include The National, R.E.M., Radiohead, and a wide variety of artists, drawing from country rock, and post-punk crafted artists such as Lou Reed and David Bowie. 

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Dakota 66 is composed of J Gallagher (vocals), Brian Grace (guitar), Brian Curran (bass), and Thomas Leonard (drums). They have had a remarkable decade-long run thus far, drawing influence from bands such as The National, R.E.M., Radiohead, and songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Sam Fender. The four-piece act has created a sound that is uniquely their own and is bound to draw fans into their rollercoaster of reflection and interesting stories.

The album, If Not Now When, says it all. The band has been together for more than 10 years but has only decided to release their first album. As they say, “it’s taken a long time to craft songs with something to say” and they are reflections on life, people, and emotions. The album includes songs like “Reeling Back The Years,” bringing back the carefree feeling of youth we all search for, “Bubble,” about friendship, and “Ode To A Friend” which touches on the sensitive subject of loss. The band includes J Gallagher on vocals, Brian Grace on guitar, Brian Curran on bass, and Thomas Leonard on drums. 

The album drawings by Declan Considine reflect the lyrics in a picture. Hope, dreams, love, loss, and friendship.