‘Dust’ is the first single from British four-piece DAYS INDOORS who have spent the last year working in the studio on their forthcoming album “Dusty Road”. With a release period of July / Aug 2016, Dusty Road, will be DAYS INDOORS’ first full-length studio album.

The name of the album is taken from the positive and energetic first single ‘Dust’, and reflects the trajectory of the band and its members throughout their musical career. It’s been quite a ride, with many musical up and downs to get to where the band is today. This album really is an anchor to a band shaking off its past, and a breath of fresh air musically, moving to a more defined, simple sound that hopefully people will identify with.

The cover photo, from French photographer and artist Frédérique Bouet, represents a beautiful, yet somehow blurred landscape in a fast moving motion, yet it appears tranquil, serene, unruffled… This cover helps enhance the main theme of the album: vulnerability.