look, orion! was formed in the spring of 2013 in a student dormitory in Uppsala, Sweden. The band began as an instrumental post-rock project, but the sound has since evolved into a mixture of various subgenres of rock – something that gives look, orion! a truly unique sound.

Stages weaves together elements of math rock, post-rock, shoegaze and experimental rock to an atmospheric soundscape filled with melodic guitars and intense crescendos. The lyrics are honest and thoughtful, and even if they are written in dreamy terms there are glimpses of reality in every sentence. Unlike the self-titled debut EP, Stages is a concept album where music and lyrics together captures a sense of inner conflict – to lose yourself and to find your way back. The tone is often anguished, but amidst melancholy and resignation glimmers of hope shines through.”


  • Carl Nordqvist – vocals
  • Jens Lindman – guitar
  • Samuel Johansson – guitar
  • Nils Melin – bass guitar
  • Pétur Rafn Jónsson – percussion