London based Days Indoors formed in 2015, the creation of drummer and songwriter Jean-Marc Valat who is joined by long-time collaborator Joe Killington on vocals, Gonçalo Charneca, aka Gonzo, on guitars and Matthew D Seal on bass.

The band, influenced by the likes of Stereophonics, The Killers, Foo Fighters, Radiohead and Doves, take their inspiration from the unexpected beauty of everyday experiences; from heartbreak to idealism, the songs speak of a poignant reality.

Debut album ‘Dusty Road’, which follows the success of the band’s previous EP ‘Beautiful Intentions’, takes its name from the positive and energetic lead track ‘Dust’. The song reflects the trajectory of the band and its members throughout their musical career; though there have been defined up and downs, this album serves as an anchor, shaking the band free of their past and marking their transition to a more defined and heartfelt sound.

The album’s cover photo, from French photographer and artist Frédérique Bouet, represents a beautiful, somehow blurred landscape in a fast moving motion, yet it appears very tranquil, serene, unruffled, reflecting the main theme of the album: the embracing of vulnerability in order to leave oneself open to life’s lessons and experiences.


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