Kepa Lehtinen has today released his new video for the track titled ‘Waltz For The Sleeping Helsinki’. This is the mind of a composer through the heart or a musician and the soul of an artist. Thinking, literally, on his own plane of existence, Kepa harnesses that part of the brain wired directly to the heart and finds solace in true originality.

‘Waltz For The Sleeping Helsinki’ teeters between musical score and sonic experience with a piece that spans the emotional spectrum and finds it’s place throughout. this is what music is supposed to be.

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About Kepa Lehtinen

Well-known and respected TV/film composer and classical musician Kepa Lehtinen is proud to announce the release of his new single “Waltz For The Sleeping Helsinki.” Set to come out October 5th, 2022, the track is a dark and ethereal waltz written by Lehtinen and arranged for piano, theremin, and double bass. Lehtinen performs the piano and theremin parts while his brother Ari Lehtinen plays bass. The piece, itself, is overwhelming and emotional, taking listeners deep inside Lehtinen’s nighttime mind. He’s one of the most compelling artists creating modern classical music right now and takes the normally conservative genre through his own weird left turns.

Kepa Lehtinen is a 51-year-old musician from Finland who has built a global following with his unique style of contemporary composition. His use of the theremin, a touchless, gesture-articulated electronic instrument, sets him apart from almost everyone. Lehtinen lets his theremin add strange harmonies and counterpoints to his pieces that make them otherworldly. He has studied sound design at Aalto University, made music for film and television, and owns a recording studio. He’s a husband, father, and dedicated skateboarder who feels that music is the only true magic in the world. He’s grateful and amazed that people all over the planet listen to his music. Expect more big things from one of Europe’s finest.