1. Who’s The Dreamer Edgar Everyone 4:06

Edgar Everyone, off-and-on member of Low Hum and Kunzite, is set to release his first full solo EP later this Spring. The five-track EP, titled “Who’s The Dreamer” will bring together some of his new and old singles into one unified work of art and will be available on all streaming platforms. The title track will be released as a single to all streaming platforms on May 8, 2023.

According to Jules de Gasperis, the man behind Edgar Everyone, the single “speaks about the duality between our human condition (earthbound), and our spiritual origin (cosmic).” He goes on that sometimes we don’t know if we’re living through a dream, a matrix, or something else. This project asks, “Who is the dream? Who is the dreamer?”

“The verses talk about the little signs and coincidences that we get to experience in daily life, that sometimes seem like the universe is telling us we’re on the right path.” Jules has experienced these synchronicities, and for him they did show up in numbers: “I had a phase where I kept seeing magic numbers like 222, 888 and 333s on car plates and ended up writing this line: ‘Synchronistic numbers on the plates you move are waving’.”

Jules launched Edgar Everyone a couple years back after feeling he needed his own space to create music in his unique way. Before that he was a consummate collaborator, sharing that, “Over the years I had been playing with multiple artists and producing various projects, and all of those taught me a lot (‘Everyone’) but I wanted to go back to the blank page and see how I would do things on an individual level and explore my artistry (‘Edgar’).”

As time went on, Jules remembers, “At some point I found it a bit hard to juggle both my creation and the work with the other projects (touring with Low Hum, producing CARRÉ and Possible Oceans).” Jules made the tough decision to cancel a gig producing an album this February.

Not long after canceling that project, Jules was invited to the Amazon jungle for an ayahuasca retreat. Jules followed the signs as well as his intuition. He says that, as he was getting ready to produce that album, “For some reason my instinct was telling me to disconnect and put everything on hold, which I did.” When he got the offer to head to the Brazilian state of Acre, Jules recalls, “The dates [exactly coincided with] the ones that opened when I canceled that job, and so I knew my intuition was right.”

Jules says the experience was life-changing, and shifted his perspective: “It helped me lift so many creative blocks and the self-criticism that I used to feel as an artist. Basically, I jumped back 10 years in time and now I find myself writing and playing music as if I’m twenty years old again.”

Now, Jules has a totally new way to view Edgar. He is a believer in taking time to learn and plot your next move, and a believer in following that phase with action. As he puts it, “In a way, it’s like the caterpillar and the butterfly. There is a time for nurturing, for absorbing–and then a time to fly.”

SOURCE: Official Bio