The Black Delta Movement has released their new album titled ‘Recovery Effects’ via Fuzz Club Records. I would say that you could tie this to their influences (see below) but, we get a massive infusion of originality and just plain old musical goodness. This is an album meant for vinyl. That retro type sound of jam-band and guitar rock pushed through the speakers with an almost avant garde feeling.

About The Black Delta Movement & ‘Recovery Effects’

The incoming ‘Recovery Effects’ LP arrives off the back of The Black Delta Movement’s highly-praised 2018 debut album ‘Preservation’, UK and European touring and over 300 live shows over the years – sharing stages with the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Stranglers, Drenge, Temples and Toy, to name just a few.

Determination and a commitment to musical development are writ large across Matt Burr’s personal and artistic journey as The Black Delta Movement. The band’s most collaborative work yet, ‘Recovery Effects’, sees Matt recruiting highly lauded UK guitar-slinger and Little Barrie frontman Barrie Cadogan and bandmates Lewis Wharton (Bass) and Tony Coote (Drums) to provide musical backing on the album. With legendary producer, The Heliocentrics’ co-founder and drummer extraordinaire Malcolm Catto also helming production duties.

“The album’s a love letter to the band and all the emotions that come with it,” explains Matt when talking about the period of adversity that led to its creation. Finding himself without his former bandmates following the release of 2018 debut album ‘Preservation’ and that record’s subsequent live shows, the pandemic- induced lockdown periods throughout ’20 and ’21 initially gave time for reflection before proving to be a time of productivity for Matt – giving him breathing space to fine-tune the new songs and send demos to Cadogan, who provided creative input into each track’s arrangements.

“As soon as I did the demos I made an effort to step back from the album, so when I sent them to Barrie it was like ‘I’ll leave them to you’ and see what he did. And I always knew that whatever he did I would love as he’s been one of my heroes since I was sixteen.” In late 2021 they hit the ground running and entered the studio, with the band cutting the basic tracks live and Malcolm Catto providing invaluable input when it came to molding the music you hear contained throughout ‘Recovery Effects’: “Every song he turned on its head in his own way. I’ve never worked with a producer like that who’s come in and said ‘right, that’s the song but we’re just gonna rip it up a little bit’.”

The results of this creative melting pot of such talented and seasoned musicians see The Black Delta Movement delivering that ring thing: a layered, honest and deeply entertaining rock’n’roll record with a myriad of moods and textures.