1. Paris Jake Lancer 3:19

Jake Lancer has today officially released his new single titled ‘Paris’ from his upcoming album ‘Take Off!’. That earnestness in the voice displays an artist who has found their voice from experience and introspection. And that is what good music is made from. Life. And those who learn from living it.

Combine that with a massive hook and pop stylistic curve and you have a song that goes with you and becomes a friend. That friend that asks you to listen again when you need it.

About Jake Lancer

New York City, singer, songwriter, Jake Lancer encapsulates the art of storytelling, the nostalgia of pop music, and the vitality of the New York City club kid scene in his debut EP as a solo artist.

His forthcoming project Take Off!, explores the defiance of his own fears, love, trauma, and joy, using his life’s stories as a canvas to create a compilation of tracks that serve as one singular function. Jake Lancer’s first single, Feel Your Love, is an exploration of sexuality, the timeless nature of pop music, and Lancer’s longing for affection.

Lancer’s cry for help becomes a celebration for the universal desire for love and intimacy. Another notable track on TAKE OFF!, is Paris a 90’s inspired dance ballad that tells a story of having to say goodbye to a lover who is moving to Paris. Lyrically the song explores Jake’s internal monologue, not wanting to be selfish in keeping his lover in New York City while the track sonically pays references to some of the greats, like Whitney Houston to other artists like Big Wild and Years and Years. The last track on Take Off!, is Tomorrowland being the epic finale to what was an intense love affair, yet another reason to dance!

Jake Lancer’s influences range from artists like Lady Gaga, Abba, David Bowie, to Troye Sivan. Growing up closeted yet a part of the LGBTQIA community, Jake dreamed of creating pop music that not only inspired but could give a voice to anyone on their own healing journey. Now a proud out gay man, Jake Lancer is also a mental health professional as a working therapist in New York City. Having studied mental health, musical theater at various esteemed institutions, and worked as a part of the music industry at Universal Music Group, the multi-talented artist has translated his training and life experience into his music.

Jake Lancer’s music is more than an expression of pop and dance, but a mechanism for healing, a love story, and a voice for those feeling both heartbreak and life’s greatest euphoria.