Josie Cotton has just released her rendition to holiday cheer in the form of her new single titled ‘Every Day Like Christmas’.

Recorded as a modern take on the holiday classics, ‘Every Day Like Christmas’ has a classic sound with a modern twist and a welcome happiness in this holiday season of isolation.

About Josie Cotton & ‘Every Day Like Christmas’

Josie Cotton, the highly acclaimed singer/songwriter now commemorates the holidays with her single, “Every Day Like Christmas.” Josie first broke into the music scene in the 1980s with her massive hit singles, “Johnny Are You Queer?” and “He Could Be The One” and has not stopped pushing buttons, scaling obstacles and making great pop since.

While the music business might be a very different place, not to mention the world as we know it, that doesn’t stop Cotton from wanting to pay homage to this magical holiday. “I fell in love with singing the incredible Christmas carols we sang in the choir” she muses. “I wanted to write a Christmas song with a message that was universal …that we are all connected. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

Featured image by Albert Sanchez.