1. Bet Your Life (The Precipice) Julian Shah-Tayler 5:28

Julian Shah-Tayler has today released his new single titled ‘Bet Your Life (The Precipice)’. Being somewhat of a departure from Julian’s previous recent singles, ‘Bet your Life’ shows another side of Julian. Very introverted and sublime while still retaining that beautiful voice and signature sound, Julian exposes another side of himself just underneath his swagger and musical bravado that shows he is as original a songwriter is as he is captivating an artist.

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About ‘Bet Your Life (The Precipice)’

“Bet Your Life” is about accepting and performing each other’s proclivities. It is often shared taboos that drive the psyche.

In a world that is clean of compassion, you must hold on tight to the ones that accept you and are willing to fulfill your darkest desires and the “wrong” that you cherish.

Song Written, Performed, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Julian Shah-Tayler with inspiration from Eva Wolfe.