1. Melt Julian Shah-Tayler 5:16

Julian Shah-Tayler has today premiered his new song titled ‘Melt’. This track, to start off, is a darker and mellower turn in Julian’s personal ‘evolution of revolution’. Featuring a more sensual vocal styling and an ethereal accompaniment, the hook is a bit more subtle yet just as powerful and signature in that singularity sort of way. Almost in the realm of Pink Floyd at times, but not enough to be noticeable to the casual listener. ‘Melt’ is a song that will endear you without trying. Captivate without realizing. Evolve without involving. This is music.

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About ‘Melt’

“Melt” is the story of the moment that lightning strikes. The moment that Love and Lust and Destiny piques the air. The Quantum particle is reunited. The dissolve into one of two hearts, two souls.

Song Written, Performed, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Julian Shah-Tayler with inspiration from Eva Wolfe.