Model Child drops his new single titled ‘Power’. The track is a musical metaphor for the obvious state we are in as a society, but, Model Child pulls it off with audible brilliance with a wonderful and powerful mix of dirty grit guitars, unique synth phrasing and a penchant for the hook in the chord changes.

There may be a ‘power shift’ on the horizon and, whether you feel that’s good or bad, Model Child proves that the state of #indie is just fine.

About Model Child & ‘Power’

Model Child, aka LA-based songwriter and musician Danny Parker, just shared a poignant new track, “Power.” The cathartic song explores the nature of power dynamics in our capitalistic American society, as Parker explains: “I think a lot of people feel helpless and powerless in our current political system. All of us are at the mercy of the people at the top and it doesn’t often feel like they have the best intentions for the greater good.” Model Child was also recently featured alongside MARINA of Marina & The Diamonds in the latest track from DJ, producer and artist Gryffin, “If I Left The World.”

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Danny Parker has penned hits for everyone from Shawn Mendes to Britney Spears, but this project finds more inspiration from the iconic grunge sound of Nirvana and eccentric indie-pop of Beck. Drawing on influences like Le Tigre, Of Montreal and The Prodigy, Model Child fuses in-your-face punk sensibilities with razor-sharp pop craftsmanship to create raw, honest and darkly playful anthems. Having played with everyone from JR JR to Cherry Glazerr, Parker also had his own indie band in college with Ammar Malik (who went on to write hits like Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”).

Danny ended up working as a pop topliner in Los Angeles while also creating his own more experimental music, with tracks like “Hey Friend” (premiered on Tiny Mix Tapes), “Trash” and “Faggot Lens,” which Parker explains is “a callout for discriminators to look through the eyes of the LGBTQ community and experience the hatred that all too many of us have been forced to live through.” Parker has worked with other talented queer artists like King Princess and Claud, as well.

Growing up in Northern Virginia, splitting his time between friends’ garage bands and the school marching band, Parker developed an eclectic taste for both the unpredictability of DIY jams and tight theatrical pop productions. Elements of both are on full display at Model Child’s rousing live shows, which feature costumes, props, and thrilling onstage antics. These contrasts permeate Parker’s music, lending it a sense of humor and audaciousness to turn his private experiences into political commentary. Parker is currently working on new music and plans to release an album in 2020.