Poppymoon has today premiered their new single and video titled ‘No I Won’t’. This song is one of those that creeps up behind you and just quietly begins that dance move that entices you to join in. Sabina’s voice is the perfect fit and strength to lead this track into that part of your memory where it becomes a part of you.

While the video is simple it is to the point and past the limit in a signature way. In that way alone I feel that it is the perfect introduction to Poppymoon. Strong yet subtle. Beautiful and boundless. Welcome to the next experience of your life.

About Poppymoon

Poppymoon is a German pop duo founded in 2020 by producer djaaaen and singer Sabina. Infusing their sound with elements of their past life in a rock band together, the duo create a darker pop sound that nonetheless remains groovy as hell. Inspired by their own experiences coming of age in today’s world, their lyrics explore topics around mental health, self-discovery, freedom, and hope.

Sabina and djaaaen started their musical careers early, with Sabina singing ever since she can remember and djaaaen playing various instruments from the time he was six years old. They met in 2011 in a bar when Sabina asked djaaaen, then just a stranger next to her, if he could order her a cocktail. Since she was not of legal age yet, it was a slightly irresponsible decision the duo advise not to copy, but luckily, he obliged. What started as a light criminal act sparked a friendship and a musical partnership for life.

For almost a decade, Sabina and djaaaen wrote and performed music with their band ASHBY, touring Mexico and Germany along with playing gigs all over Europe. In the fall of 2020, amidst pandemic locking down live music worldwide, the duo decided to indulge their long time love for pop music and form POPPYMOON.

Their first single, “Wanna Play that Game?” was released in September 2020, addressing topics like societal pressure and recognizing your own value against a minimalist pop backdrop that recalled the deft production of Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa. Their second single “Weirdos” followed shortly after and, to start off the new year, the duo announced “Joanie’s Secret” in January and their upcoming single “No, I won’t” in February. Opening on one of the duo’s most driving bass lines and building to a tropical house-indebted climax with Sabina’s commanding vocals guiding the way, “No, I won’t” is an empowering pop anthem tailor-made for a hopeful new year.

“No, I won’t’ embraces the concept of enforcing boundaries and living a life true to yourself without complying with others wishes, projections, and expectations, especially as a female-identifying person,” Sabina says. “Although this song deals with this topic from a female viewpoint, this message stands for everybody.”