Frankie Animal has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Peaches’. Perfect pop sensibility combined with subdued sensuality is what is musically at the heart of ‘Peaches’. But you also get that layer of originality that is the hook and harmony of it all. And that is where the brilliance lay.

“The main idea in the lyrics was heavily drawn from Luca Guadagnino’s film, Call Me By Your Name,” the band said in a statement. “The idea was of a secret relationship and, not to sound cheesy here, but a forbidden love. Even the title was borrowed from the movies’ infamous peach scene.”

About Frankie Animal

When quirky rawness meets the delicate nature of Feist and Jeff Buckley you get a certain something known as Frankie Animal.

Frankie Animal is an Estonian indie-rock act formed in 2012 by Marie M. Vaigla (vocals), Jonas Kaarnamets (guitar), and Jan-Christopher Soovik (bass). Within a year of forming, the band was earning praise from Radio 2, one of the most important radios in Estonia, who named the band a station and audience’s favorite in 2012.

Following their initial EP in 2013, Frankie Animal’s long-awaited debut album, The Backbeat, arrived in April 2016 to national praise. Kaspar Viilup of Estonian Public Broadcasting praised Vaigla’s vocals as “remarkably versatile, at one point as fragile as Karen O’s solo projects and the next moment screaming-roaring as The Kills’ lead vocalist Alison Mosshart.”

Placing in the Eurovision-adjacent Estonian Song Contest and continuing to steadily gain praise, Frankie Animal released a new single “Playful” in June 2019 under the Sony Music label Made in Baltics. The following month, “Playful” was the most played song on Radio 2. Next month, the band is set to release “Peaches,” a lounging slice of indie-pop that’s meant to sound like the peachy colors reflecting off windows during a midsummer sunset in the city.