MOAT has today released their new album titled ‘Poison Stream’. The collaboration between Marty Willson-Piper and Niko Röhlcke has completed that long-awaited circle with this new album. I say that because I must confess, this is one album I have been waiting for.

We get that glorious mashup of signature sounds that have made both core artists in MOAT masters at their game, but, you also get that added aspect of road worn and weary musicians that can effortlessly wear their hearts on their sleeves with each and every track. This is simply beautiful.

‘Poison Stream’ is more than an album, it’s a companion.

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About MOAT

Coming off their recent successful Indiegogo album campaign, MOAT is set to release their new fan-funded album POISON STREAM on the 12th February via Schoolkids Records. Marty Willson- Piper’s fan base continues to grow year on with his impressive catalog of continued projects and his fan-favored daily blog, TO WHERE I AM NOW.

MOAT is the collaboration of Marty Willson-Piper and Niko Röhlcke and sees these two prolific artists working together again for the follow-up to their self-titled first album, released in 2013. Marty is best known for his long tenure of over three decades with Australian psychedelic surfers the church, ten years with English hippie goths All About Eve and an ongoing long-term project called Noctorum with Dare Mason (producer for the church, Placebo, Blow Monkeys) who is coproducer and engineer on POISON STREAM. Niko is a multi-instrumentalist and has composed for theatre, film and TV as well as being guitarist, keyboard player and co-writer in Weeping Willows, one of Sweden’s most popular acts.

Musically the album covers an eclectic range but it maintains an atmosphere that mixes the weirdness of an eccentric English village with the long dark nights of moody Scandinavia. Marty as lyricist and singer co-writes the songs with Niko, some of the original ideas coming from Niko’s evocative soundtracks. If you enjoy thoughtful Anglo-Scandinavian-bent folk-pop with lyrical twists and turns, the occasional experiment and a timeless modern soundtrack to the past, then this may be the album for you. The demons-in-your-head single HELPLESS YOU will be available via streaming platforms on the 3rd February. Video animation by Segdesign.

Featured image by Olivia Willson-Piper.