Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus has today released their new single titled ‘Free Money’. Like a machine gun, the rock n’ rhymes start from the press-play and never let up. A rap-track with melody, RnR are as much songwriters as they are rhyme-spitters. ‘Free Money’ is a track that hops the genres and hunts the new fans down with sheer display of multi-instrumentalism and harsh poetry.

About Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus

Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus is a New York-based band with Hip Hop, Rock, and Blues influences that started at the end. Solo Hip Hop Artist Rikshaw was preparing for a Release Party for his concept EP ‘Gem.In.I’ when a chance meeting with bassist Krisana Soponpong (previously of Black Taxi) created a duo, and Krisana’s know-how and musical connections brought in guitarist Krikor Daglian (previously of The Walk Ons) and drummer Stavros Pavlides (Kindnesse).

With these very talented multi-instrumentalists, the release party show for Gem.In.I went over better than any of them could have expected. What was originally going to be a one-off was quickly pushed to the side from the feeling that a real sound was developing and Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus was formed!

The band has already written and recorded new original songs and played multiple shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They look to continue performing around New York and beyond with The City being their inaugural single.