Michael Ciravolo’s Beauty in Chaos team up with the legendary Curse Mackey on their new single and video titled ‘A Kind Cruelty’ from the upcoming Beauty in Chaos album titled ‘The Storm Before The Calm’, coming out May 22, 2020, via 33.3 Music Collective.

‘A Kind Cruelty’ is a slight departure, or maybe an evolution, of the past BIC tracks. I say this with the utmost respect because the music of BIC has become a part of my fond musical memories in many ways. What I mean, however, is this is a clear stylistic shift. This song is a darker turn musically, even more so than the initial single ‘The Delicate Balance of All Things‘ in that the guitars have gone off in such an original set of tangents that they are hard to guess until they’re heard. The bass throughout the track is rock solid and really announces the sheer presence of the music. I always test this by blaring the song on my main stereo system then go outside of the house to listen to it. When I hear the windows steadily rattle while the song is still crystal clear, the bassline just made the song to me. That’s what happened here.

Curse Mackey’s vocals add quite a different flavor than if anyone else had sung the track. His personality and dark decadence shine through like a signature. If I could recommend an introductory song for ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ to someone unfamiliar with Beauty in Chaos, this would be it.

‘The Storm Before The Calm’ album will be released on May 22, 2020, via 33.3 Music Collective. As with the two albums released to date, it will be available at the Beauty in Chaos Store, as well as Bandcamp.

We had the chance to ask Michael a few questions about the new album as well as where BIC is headed.

With ‘The Storm Before the Calm’, how do you feel BIC has evolved musically, creatively, and spiritually from the last two albums?

I think I feel more comfortable this time since ‘FBIC’ was a big unknown for me. I was mainly just the guitarist in my prior bands … and then suddenly having the full weight of this project on my shoulders was a different animal altogether. There’s certainly a learning curve with all of the non-musical details of releasing an album. I think Michael Rozon and I proved that we could make, what we consider, a very good album. We are great friends and creating music started being fun again. The writing process for ‘the storm before the calm’ was less stressful, partially since I decided early on that it would be a shorter record! Amazing how much weight that took off! I had a pretty strong visual idea going into this record that I wanted it to be starker and darker. I think the first few songs definitely follow my original intention, but in typical BIC fashion, the latter songs strayed a bit.

Today, I feel very creative and have already started some musical ideas while talking to some amazing singers about the NEXT record. I know that sounds crazy, but it is sort of how my mind works. Spiritually? I am a very blessed man. I have a small but mighty family with my wife and our two daughters. I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I call real friends are amazing people. I went into 2020 trying to let go of any negativity and doubt… even if it means cutting certain people or situations out of my life. I am happy at what this record will be, and I look forward to the continued evolution of this thing we call Beauty In Chaos.

With the previous album being a re-imaging of the first album, did that re-imagine process affect how you viewed and recorded this album in regards to planning and outlook?

‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’ was a very different process for us. We had complete control over ‘FBIC’ and then to relinquish it was a tad difficult at first. In the end, I loved the process of watching how other artists interpreted these songs that I was. and still am, so close to. I am not sure how that process affected this new record, consciously or subconsciously, but I do know that I want to do another ‘re-envisioned’ style record before the end of the year.

I have already planted the remix seeds with several different artists and even have given it a working title of ‘sonic deconstruction aural reconstruction’. How’s that for putting the proverbial cart before the horse!

What would you consider your favorite track on the new album and why?

That’s a tough one. I really love ‘the delicate balance of all things’ that many have already heard. ‘A Kind Cruelty’ is a great goth-rock anthem, I think! Ashton’s track is amazing. If I have to give an answer here, it will be with the album’s closing track, ‘Stranger’. It is very different than anything I have ever written and it has some deep, amazing lyrics that I think many will interpret and relate to.

Who is appearing on the new album that you have not worked with before and who is returning?

Well, with two singles already released, it is known that Wayne Hussey and Curse Mackey are on this record. Both Ashton and I have let on about ‘The Outside’, so he is certainly a returning artist. It is really easy to create with him and I would like to think he will be on every BIC record. Since our studio technical woahs have caused the album to be delayed until May 22, I would like to keep some mystique until the big release so please understand if I am not into divulging the other singers quite yet. Think of it as BIC’s version of the ‘masked singer’! 😊

If BIC were to play live this year what would be your dream lineup and where would you mot want to see the show play live at venue-wise?

hummm …. you did say ‘dream’. I have always said that BIC was not meant to be a live entity, but honestly, a big part of me would like the challenge of presenting this on stage. Perfect world? Seven shows. Three in the States. Los Angeles, New York and my hometown of New Orleans. Then four in Europe. London, Rome, Berlin, and Paris. Dream Lineup? Wayne, Ashton and I on guitars, my wife, Tish on Bass, Evi Vine on BVs, Dirk on Drums and Michael Rozon doing FOH with the needed backing tracks. This would allow us to play quite a few of the songs, and for us to have additional singers join when or if they could. Again, you did say ‘Dream’….. I am also sure that if Simon Gallup wanted to sit in on ‘man of faith’, Tish would not have an issue and be ecstatic! 😊

Video Credits

Filmed and Directed by Vicente Cordero (Industrialism Films)
Edited by Leslie Gladney (Industrialism Films)
filmed on location at an undisclosed bunker #MoonhutsLA
Props courtesy of Prop Heaven, Burbank CA
lights by Skum Love

Curse Mackey: vocals
Michael Ciravolo: guitar
Tish Ciravolo: bass
Dirk Doucette: drums

Leslie Gladney: vampyre girl
Lilian Sin and Sinder: fire dancers

Song Credits

Curse Mackey – vocals
Michael Ciravolo – guitars and textures
Michael Rozon – bass, piano, and synth
Dirk Doucette – drums
Lyrics written by Curse Mackey
Music written by Michael Ciravolo and Michael Rozon
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Michael Rozon at SAINTinLA STUDIO

BEAUTY IN CHAOS is curated by Michael Ciravolo

About Beauty in Chaos & ‘A Kind Cruelty’

American alt-rock supergroup Beauty in Chaos presents their new single, ‘A Kind Cruelty’ ft. Curse Mackey. This is the first taste of Beauty in Chaos’ forthcoming full-length album ‘The Storm Before The Calm’, to be released on May 22 via LA-based label 33.3 Music Collective. Recorded at Ciravolo’s own SAINTinLA Studio, it was produced by Michael Rozon, Grammy-nominated for his work with Ministry.

Beauty in Chaos is the brainchild of guitarist Michael Ciravolo. Originally from New Orleans and now based in Los Angeles, he is best known as President of Schecter Guitar Research. He also played guitar in Human Drama for 30 years, in addition to playing live and recording with Michael Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel since 1998.

This single follows ‘The Delicate Balance of All Things’ featuring The Mission frontman Wayne Hussey, the first single released off this album.

“When Michael Rozon and I finished this music track, I was a bit of a loss for who I should approach about singing this one. Two different friends, Mark Thwaite (Peter Murphy/The Mission) and Steven Seibold (Hate Dept.) both suggested Curse Mackey. I didn’t think I knew him, but it turns out our paths had crossed in our ‘other lives’ in the musical instrument world. I thought his voice would be a great fit, and I especially liked his lyrical sense. We hit it off well and I really enjoyed working with him on this song and video, and I do look forward to evolving him in future BIC,” says Michael Ciravolo.

The accompanying video was filmed and directed by Vicente Cordero, edited by Leslie Gladney, and produced by Industrialism Films.

“This is the ninth video we have done with Vicente Cordero and Industrialism Films. I certainly strive to make each one unique, as with BIC not being a band in the traditional sense, the videos are really our ‘face’. Since it is my goal to make this new album a bit darker than ‘finding beauty in chaos’, I felt ‘a kind cruelty’ really lent itself to going full-on darkwave. I wanted it to be dark yet fun … even with some tired and true symbolism and attire! It’s a bit tongue n’ cheek … or would that be teeth in the skin?” asks Michael Ciravolo.

Austin’s Curse Mackey is a prominent performer on the darkwave, post-punk and industrial music scenes. He is known for his prominent participation in PIGFACE and ongoing stints with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, plus past projects Evil Mothers and Grim Faeries. In 2019, Mackey released his debut solo album ‘Instant Exorcism’, featuring an appearance by Ronny Moorings (Clan of Xymox)’. Mackey has also collaborated with such luminaries as Ogre (Skinny Puppy), Martin Atkins (Ministry/Killing Joke), En Esch (KMFDM), Genesis P-Orridge (Psychic TV), Danny Carey (Tool), and Mat Mitchell (Puscifer).

twitter25@_BeautyInChaos [rotatingtweets screen_name=’_BeautyInChaos’]

Mackey recently found himself in the spotlight while filling in for goth legend Peter Murphy in Orlando, who was unable to perform at the final 40 Years of Bauhaus Celebration show in Orlando. Invited by Bauhaus / Love and Rockets bassist David J to stand in on vocals, they played to a sold-out Orlando audience, sowing the seeds for a new collaborative project between Mackey, David J and Rona Rougeheart of alt-electronic darlings SINE.

“When I first heard the instrumental, I was immediately captivated by the driving bassline and uplifting musical chorus. I was inspired by a PT Barnum quote referencing electricity and to “put a little of it into your blood and we will beat the world” – that was the literal spark that fueled the words. I imagined being in the desert under the stars, conjuring the energy to face the world. I’m excited to be a part of the Beauty in Chaos project and to work with Michael and Tish. I admire them both as artists and entrepreneurs and to also be on a record with Wayne Hussey of The Mission, Seibold of Hate Dept. and the many other talented artists involved gives me a warm fuzzy feeling,” says Curse Mackey.

In 2018, Beauty in Chaos released their acclaimed debut album ‘Finding Beauty in Chaos’, followed by the ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’ album (2019). Other BIC artists include Simon Gallup (The Cure), Al Jourgensen (Ministry), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Pete Parada (The Offspring), dUg Pinnick (Kings X), ICE-T (Body Count), producer Tim Palmer, guitar icon Zakk Wylde, Ashton Nyte (The Awakening), Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets), Rolan Bolan, Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Michael Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel), Paul Wiley (Marilyn Manson), Michael Aston and Dirk Doucette (Gene Loves Jezebel), Pando (A Flock of Seagulls), UMMAGMA, Evi Vine, Johnny Indovina (Human Drama), Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson), Betsy Martin (Caterwaul / Purr Machine), Kevin Kipnis (Purr Machine) and KITTY LECTRO, among others.

Featured image by Anabel Dflux.