A Multi-Genre/ Americana group formed in 2013 by founding members Ginger Grace and Brock Hard. Ginger’s soulful, powerful voice combined with Brock’s folk style and driving, sophisticated guitar create the distinct sound of Backhand Sally. Their music is an infused mix of pop, country, funk & blues blended together with memorable melodies and storytelling lyrics. Their new album, No Instructions, encompasses their uniquely blended multi-genre style. With influences that range from Fleetwood Mac, Sly & The Family Stone, Eric Clapton, Fiona Apple, Hall and Oates, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, to The Beatles and more they have produced a musical journey that is bound by no genre.

As truly independent artists, Backhand Sally not only wrote all of the songs, they also played all instruments, recorded and produced No Instructions entirely themselves. They are proud to share the fruit of their labors, No Instructions with the world.

Their first single “Text You When I Drink” was Hellcast Radio’s song of the year, 2017, they were honored to also be Hellcast Radio’s fan-favorite band of the year, 2017. They have most recently been featured in The Voyage Dallas Magazine, ETX Rocks Show and Kandid with Kadie Lynn.

The core of the group is a duo comprised of Louisiana native Ginger Grace and Texas native Brock Hard. Each one brings their own unique style and musical influence to the group, and the dynamic is a sound that is eclectic, edgy and inspired. With over 25 years of performance, touring, writing and recording experience between them, it was a natural fit to blend their two distinct sounds and abilities together.

Ginger has been singing and performing since she was 8 years old; her first performance was singing “Tomorrow” in her 3rd-grade talent show. Raising a family and other personal demands caused her to put her dreams of being a musician on hold until she was in her late 20s; but when she hit the road, she hit it running. She released her first EP in 2011 and toured with showband Vince Vance and The Valients as Venus Valienette for several years. She has also performed with several bands in the DFW area. Although Ginger has many musical influences that she pulls from, her voice is a distinct mix of bluesy, country, soul that she has developed as her own. Co-founding Backhand Sally was a natural step in her music career and her true spirit can be seen when she takes the state. When she’s not busy with raising kiddos, writing and performing music, Ginger also writes and owns the music and lifestyle blog Ginger Grace Music.

Brock has been playing guitar and rocking audiences for over 15 years. His love for guitar started with his Grandfather’s Sears & Roebuck acoustic guitar. After his grandfather passed away, his Grandmother “loaned ” that guitar to him and the rest is history. His first performance was a last-minute entry in his high school talent show and he then went on to perform in various college bands while getting his degree in Engineering. Brock brings his years of music theory and a wide range of musical influences and styles. He has performed with the acclaimed R&B band Groove University and toured throughout the U.S. with several other bands before co-founding BS. His picking and rhythm styles are by far some of the best and most intricate playing skills around, and it’s that special playing style mixed with his and Ginger’s vocals that define Backhand Sally.

SOURCE: Official Bio