Michael Ciravolo and his ever-astounding megaproject known as Beauty in Chaos have just dropped their new video for the song titled ‘The Long Goodbye (Au Revoir)’ featuring The Mission’s  Wayne Hussey.

The video is a clear departure from Beauty in Chaos’ previous videos both in style and tone. More subdued and somber, ‘The Long Goodbye (Au Revoir)’ is a song about letting go, and that can be taken in and interpreted in many ways as well are all individuals. This includes musically, as music often defines and captures those moments for us in the form of memories. Such can be said about the evolution of ‘The Long Goodbye’ as a song. The original (preview HERE) is light years away from the concept of what became the song in the video above. And, in many ways, can be about many different personal situations and moments to be had. Having said that, I feel the song is also about cherishing what you have now because one day we will all lose everything. That alone makes this song the definition of memorable music.

I got to ask Michael about ‘The Long Goodbye (Au Revoir)’ and the video with these exclusive questions. Enjoy!

What is the concept of the new video for “The Long Goodbye” (Au Revoir)”?

The concept just sort of developed. I knew I wanted Wayne in a room with a black piano. That is really the visual I started with. I knew we had to figure a way to incorporate the orchestral element, but it wasn’t until I was at a friend’s prop house (Prop Heaven in Burbank, CA) looking for something for our ‘20th Century Boy’ shoot that they mannequin idea hit me. They had a few on display there dressed in black evening gowns which sparked the idea to me to have them ‘transform’ into real people. Sort of ‘sci-fi’ now that I think about it! Adding the beach scenes was also an idea I felt could help add to the ‘alone’ feeling of the song.

This video is stylistically different than the past videos of BIC and one can actually say that this puts forth a new version of the project in terms of image. Is this something that evolved or was a conscious decision from the beginning of the making of this video?

I think each of the seven Beauty In Chaos videos have had a unique look and vibe about them, at least that is was I tried for. Since BIC is not your prototypical band, the videos have really been our ‘face’. As for this new video, I think the look and vibe create a fitting backdrop to Wayne’s passionate pleading vocals. We again worked with Vicente Cordero and Industrialism Films, who have been a big part of the BIC family. All of our videos have been done with time and financial constraints … but I am truly proud of all that we’ve created and already looking forward to what’s next.

This version of the song is wildly different than the version found on “Finding Beauty in Chaos”. How was this new version conceived musically and how do you feel the versions frame the lyrics and meaning of the lyrics differently?

Wayne sometimes seems to downplay his lyrics as just ‘a string of words’ that come to him, but I am a fan of good lyrics, especially ones that leave some room for interpretation by the listener. I think we all have been in at least one side of the proverbial coin of wanting an ‘ex’ back only when you see them with someone else. I think he frames this really well on ‘the long goodbye’. To me, his voice is filled with more passion and desperation in this new version. That’s not to say the original version isn’t as it is one of my favorites off of ‘FBIC’. Still, really love the 12string electrics throughout and Evi and Ashton add some really nice harmonies. I look forward to hearing what Wayne does with the song when he performs it solo with The Devine.

What sparked the conversation with Wayne Hussey about doing a new version of the song?

When we started compiling remixes for ‘beauty re-envisioned’, I knew I wanted to add a few new re-recorded versions. I have always been a fan of the alternate versions The Mission did of some their songs … “Love Me To Death”, “Garden of Delight”, and especially “Kingdom Come”… which the piano and strings are simply gorgeous. I thought “The Long Goodbye” was a perfect song to approach in a similar vein. I brought it up to Wayne and he thought it was a great idea. Within a week he sent over a rough piano/vocal version … and I knew this would be magical. My dear friend Tyler Bates’s daughter replayed the piano for us, and Michael Rozon wrote a beautiful string arrangement. To my credit, I didn’t ruin it was too much guitar!

Which version of the track is your current favorite?

I am really proud of the song, and I think the ‘Au Revoir’ version shows that a good song stands, even in a simpler more organic form. I really love this new version so much, but I also love the electric version too.

Here is the official announcement of the video via The Mission’s official Facebook page:

About ‘The Long Goodbye’ (Au Revoir)

‘The Long Goodbye’ (Au Revoir) is the fourth video from the ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’ album.  This is a beautiful re-recorded version of one of the highlight songs on ‘Finding Beauty in Chaos’.  Featuring a stark passionate vocal by The Mission’s Wayne Hussey and a glorious string arrangement written by Michael Rozon, this rendition bares heart and soul.

BIC curator Michael Ciravolo says ‘I’ve always loved the way The Mission did piano and orchestral versions of songs, so I was, of course, thrilled when Wayne was on board with my idea of doing something similar with ‘the long goodbye’.  My dear friend Tyler Bates’ daughter Lola laid the groundwork with a beautiful piano bed, and then Wayne’s vocal drips with passion and desperation.  I seriously still get chills listening to this one.  Michael Rozon arranged some beautiful string parts, and thankfully I didn’t ruin it with too much guitar!’

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For this video, Beauty in Chaos again enlisted Industrialism Films.  Ciravolo adds ‘this is the 7th video we have done with Vicente Cordero and his team.  I think together we’ve created some interesting and uniquely different videos.  This video was one of the more challenging of them all, but they captured my concept amazingly and it is one of my favorites we have done.  As a husband father, having your wife daughter in the video is also a great feeling!’

When asked how the version differ, Ciravolo says ‘The original version on ‘FBIC’ was musically written and based around the 12-string electric line and chords. When I floated this idea by Wayne, he sat with the piano and changed the key and a bit of the chord structure. I think in the end, it is really a great song, and I am extremely proud of both ‘takes’ on it. To me, Wayne’s vocals are brilliant … the ‘call and answer’ of the original, and then the stark almost pleading in ‘au revoir’. Lyrically, I think he sings about something we have all felt … either as the ‘doer’ or the ‘victim’. Sort of being taken for granted or taking someone for granted. The grass is not always greener even if it looks it.’