Sløtface has officially dropped their lyric video for the track titled ‘Sink or Swim’. Addressing the very real issue of climate change in such a way puts a face on the issue that needs to be recognized. Music is the perfect way to do that because it puts the issue in the subconscious in a way that only music can do. Sløtface does this in a way that is filled with class and lacking in self-promotion with a lush song filling out the meaningful lyrics amid disturbing visuals of the toll we’ve given our home planet and have yet to pay ourselves, making this video a wake-up call.

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Norway’s Sløtface has officially dropped ‘Sink or Swim’, a meditative track and video that looks into the effects of climate change in intimate, personal detail. The song is coupled with lyric video visuals highlighting the work of Rich Horner and Caroline Power, who have been documenting the littering of oceans for years, specifically the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The band has been outspoken about the crisis, taking action in a myriad of ways. They protested Nordic Mining at Førdefjorden which was filmed for their 2016 “Sponge State” music video. They’ve also performed to Natur og Ungdom, which is the only environmentalist youth organization in Norway, and at The Climate Crisis Protest in Oslo earlier this year.

Written while on tour during an unnaturally warm period, the new song is, as frontperson Haley Shea explains, “about the desperation that comes when I think about climate change. It’s supposed to be an honest description of how I’m definitely not doing enough to stop it, and how it feels so massive and difficult, but at the same time it in part comes down to lots of small and every-day choices.”

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Guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad shares, “I’ll be forever envious of the courage of people like Greta Thunberg and organizations like Natur og Ungdom. I grew up with a parent generation that blamed youth for being apathetic and self-absorbed, yet the same generation is condemning and mocking kids for standing up for their own generation. It is truly great to see the same people losing their minds over climate protests and Thunberg’s speeches. It’s finally something to separate us from our parents. Something that is ours. And that is pissing older people off worldwide. It’s the battle of our generation, and it’s an important thing to embrace.”

Having spent the last couple of years relentlessly touring their impressive debut album Try Not To Freak Out, the band has been sharing new material over the last couple of months, teasing an upcoming body of work. Alongside Odd Martin Skålnes (Sigrid, Aurora), the new songs mark the first time the band has worked as co-producers, creating some of their boldest and most immediate moments to date.

In support of this year’s singles, the band will head out on the UK and European run with PUP this November, with tickets for the dates below available now.

Featured image by Jonathan Vivaas Kise.

“Their sparky indie punk still evokes sunny days and exhilarating nights”
– Kerrang!

“ …the band nails down flaming guitar riffs over a fluid bass line, topped with the playful vocals of lead singer Haley Shea.”

“Norway’s Sløtface Makes Political Rock You Can Dance To”
– Nylon

“Their sound embraces the fierce, satisfying aggression of punk and hardcore and the foot-tapping, bounce-around vigor of pop.”
– Interview Magazine

“ …explosive and bold, pushing [Haley Shea’s] unexpected lyrical couplets and lacerating wit right up to the edge of collapse.”
– AV Club