Gaël Zaks has released his new video for the single titled ‘Je me promène sur la vie (I’m taking a walk on life)’ from his upcoming single released by Comedia, dropping on April 28th. With an endearing quality in the music, Gaël’s voice has a lot of space to roam, and roam it does. Beautifully crafted with a timeless way about it, Gaël takes that certain artistry that true musicians have within them and transposes that into a future classic.

About Gaël Zaks

Gaël Zaks studied at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in NYC and started his movie career in the comedy-drama film Celebrity written and directed by Woody Allen. He is a member of the prestigious Screen Actors Guild and lives in Paris, where he has played in several tv-series and movies. This year, Gaël Zaks will not only release his debut album, but also direct his first feature film Mrs. Rosenblum, and direct and act in his short film TOI & LUI (YOU & HIM).

Gaël Zaks started writing and playing music when he was an early teen, so it’s a dream come true for him. His musical influences are very diverse.

“But on top of the list I would name the great Bob Dylan, the amazing Louis Armstrong but also Tracy Chapman, Imany, Hollysiz, Souad Massi, and the timeless, great and glorious David Bowie.”

“I had the incredible chance to be discovered as I was playing Swedish theatre in Paris by the amazing musician and now friend, Mr. Daniel Östersjö, who has produced my first single. Daniel’s music is extraordinary, and I could never thank him enough for what he did for me!”

There are several reasons why Gaël Zaks chose to sign with a Swedish label.

“First of all, I chose COMEDIA in Sweden because I’m in love with the country, its people, and its values. My best friend from New York, the actor Director Casper Andreas, lives in Stockholm and it’s great to go visit him. I love the city!”

“The second, and most important reason why I signed with COMEDIA in Sweden, is Mr. Claes Olson. He’s not a label director just for the money but he truly loves his artists. He always has great advice for me, he’s a gentleman and a man I respect deeply. It’s a pleasure and an honor for me to work with him.”

Gaël Zaks’ debut album will be released in October.