Gefahrgeist combines the different musical expertise of two of Scotland’s most promising musicians. Fiona Liddell is a singer songwriter from Glasgow and Niall (Neel) Rae is a producer and bassist from Aberdeen. Their debut single ‘Graceless’ was one of The Herald’s Top 100 Scottish Songs of 2020, and their next two singles ‘Nukular’ and ‘Parasites’ received critical acclaim.

PINLIGHT is the alt-pop songwriting project of Edinburgh-based multi-instrumentalist Jenny Laahs. Jenny is a hearing-impaired musician, acquiring a profound unilateral hearing loss at the age of 4. Inspired by Kate Bush, Passion Pit, and Stealing Sheep, PINLIGHT combines these influences into retro-tinged soundscapes, with themes of self-affirmation, love and relationships.

“No Gravity” is an ethereal dream pop song with folk elements. It was written by Jenny Laahs & Fiona Liddell who collaborated during a writing retreat with Songseeds in early 2023. The song tells the story of someone leaving a damaging situation. The two female lead vocalists dance between each other like birds swooping in and out of each others’ flight paths.

SOURCE: Official Bio